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1. Socio‐technical issues in the platform‐mediated gig economy: A systematic literature review: An Annual Review of Information Science and Technology (ARIST) paper.

2. 基于多目标优化的联邦学习进化.

3. Performance Evaluation of the Extractive Methods in Automatic Text Summarization Using Medical Papers.

4. Special Issue: "2022 and 2023 Selected Papers from Algorithms' Editorial Board Members".

5. A fully-automated paper ECG digitisation algorithm using deep learning.

6. 卷积融合文本和异质信息网络的 学术论文推荐算法.

7. A review paper of optimal resource allocation algorithm in cloud environment.

8. Development and Validation of an Algorithm for the Digitization of ECG Paper Images.

10. A Machine Learning Model to Predict Citation Counts of Scientific Papers in Otology Field.

11. Tools and algorithms for the construction and analysis of systems: a special issue on tool papers for TACAS 2021.

13. VIBRANT-WALK: An algorithm to detect plagiarism of figures in academic papers.

14. A reviewer-reputation ranking algorithm to identify high-quality papers during the review process.

15. Selected Papers of the 32nd International Workshop on Combinatorial Algorithms, IWOCA 2021.

16. Classification of forensic hyperspectral paper data using hybrid spectral similarity algorithms.

17. A BPNN Model-Based AdaBoost Algorithm for Estimating Inside Moisture of Oil–Paper Insulation of Power Transformer.

18. Algorithm for Determining the State of Impregnated Paper Insulation of High-Voltage Cables.

19. SDP-Based Bounds for the Quadratic Cycle Cover Problem via Cutting-Plane Augmented Lagrangian Methods and Reinforcement Learning: INFORMS Journal on Computing Meritorious Paper Awardee.

20. Paper currency defect detection algorithm using quaternion uniform strength.

22. Discussion of Paper 'Improved Explicit Integration Algorithms for Structural Dynamic Analysis with Unconditional Stability and Controllable Numerical Dissipation' by Chinmoy Kolay & James M. Ricles, Journal of Earthquake Engineering 2017,

23. An FPGA Implementation of the Log-MAP Algorithm for a Dirty Paper Coding CODEC.

24. Utilizing tables, figures, charts and graphs to enhance the readability of a research paper.

25. Paper, glass, algorithm: teleprompters and the invisibility of screens.

27. Critical Appraisal of a Machine Learning Paper: A Guide for the Neurologist.

28. Brief communication: Three errors and two problems in a recent paper: gazeNet: End-to-end eye-movement event detection with deep neural networks (Zemblys, Niehorster, and Holmqvist, 2019).

29. 基于三链的艺术品区块链存证溯源模型.

30. Algorithm for Determining the State of Impregnated Paper Insulation of High-Voltage Cables.

31. A simple one-electron expression for electron rotational factors.

32. Canadian Association of Radiologists White Paper on De-identification of Medical Imaging: Part 2, Practical Considerations.


34. Artistic License in Heritage Visualization: VR Sydney Cove circa 1800: SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 Featured Paper.

35. 基于项目模糊相似度的协同过滤推荐算法.

36. Review Paper: Methods of measurement for 4D seismic post‐stack time shifts.

37. Exploring consensus algorithms: A comprehensive examination and comparative analysis.

38. A root finding algorithm for transcendental equations using hyperbolic tangent function.

39. Comparative study of various hybrid path planning algorithms for a mobile platform.

40. Using MQTT and Node-RED to monitor the ATLAS Meta-data Interface (AMI) stack and define metadata aggregation tasks in a pipelined way.

41. Research on image processing algorithm of immune colloidal gold test paper detection.

42. The Folded Paper Size Illusion: Evidence of Inability to Perceptually Integrate More Than One Geometrical Dimension.

43. Superpolynomial Lower Bounds Against Low-Depth Algebraic Circuits.

44. Taming Algorithmic Priority Inversion in Mission-Critical Perception Pipelines.

45. 基于一次性环签名的区块链电子投票方案.

47. Physics driven behavioural clustering of free-falling paper shapes.

48. 一种基于改进 RFM 模型的数字集群用户分类方法.

49. An effective video inpainting technique using morphological Haar wavelet transform with krill herd based criminisi algorithm.

50. Research on Improving YOLOv5s Algorithm for Defect Detection in Cylindrical Coated Lithium-ion Batteries.