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1. A method to determine arsenic concentration in drinking water based on proton gradient and conductance measurements in filter paper media.

2. Molecular simulation of different types of polysilsesquioxane doped cellulose insulating paper: A guide for special cellulose insulating paper.

3. Fabrication of negative magnetostrictive Japanese traditional paper (washi) with cobalt ferrite particles.

4. Study of pulp and paper making characteristic produces from sago fiber waste.

5. Properties and potential use for paper pulp of four less-known hardwoods originated from natural tropical rainforest in South Sulawesi Province of Indonesia.

6. Effect of fly ash and paper pulp material composition variations on papercrete products using heating method at 110°C for 6 hours.

7. Microfluidic paper analytic device (μPAD) technology for food safety applications.

8. Property evaluation and optimization of recycled paper composition.

9. Method for using natural silk fibers for producing valuable grade paper.

10. Determination of bactericidal effect of piper betel leaf extract on bacteria by filter paper disc method to check antimicrobial efficacy.

11. Assessing the potential utilization of super teak for furniture, flooring, veneer, pulp paper and wood pellets.

12. Does watermelon rind waste (Citratus Lannatus) have the potential to be an environmentally friendly paper towel?

13. Spheroids formation in large drops suspended in superhydrophobic paper cones.

14. Ultrasonic propagation characteristics of partial discharge in oil-impregnated paper traction transformer.

15. The impact of paper sludge waste on physical & mechanical properties of cementitious materials.

16. The impact of paper sludge waste on physical & mechanical properties of cementitious materials.

17. An optimal supply policy for time depending demand and deterioration with partial exponential backlogging.

18. Effect of binary blending of waste paper sludge ash and granite dust in fine grained soil stabilization.

19. An investigation into the strength development of cement concrete blended with hypo sludge ash.

20. Comparison of power generation from restaurant wastewater treatment in microbial fuel cell using carbon felt electrode with carbon paper electrode.

21. Study of composition of seaweed of the genus Ulva and filter paper made with added algae by SEM-EDX, PIXE and PIGE.

22. Performance study on application of electro-coagulation for pulp and paper industry effluent treatment.

23. Transfer function approach of the debye model for estimating paper moisture in a power transformer.

24. An experimental study on utilization of paper pulp and crushed marble dust in M35 grade concrete.

25. High areal-capacitance based extremely stable flexible supercapacitors using binder-free exfoliated graphite paper electrode.

26. Solute imbibition in paper strip: Pore-scale insights into the concentration-dependent permeability.

27. A simple and low-cost paper-based device for simultaneous determination of hematocrit and hemoglobin levels in point-of-care settings.

28. An overview paper on automatic detection of numerous plant diseases that impact leaves.

29. Solvent-pumped evaporation concentration on paper in linear and radial geometries.

30. Water absorbency of oil palm empty fruit bunch paper.

31. Digital skills to enhance engineering.

32. Environmental and socio-economic benefits of recycling of waste papers generated by educational institutes.

33. Effects of Karnaphuli paper mill effluents on the Karnaphuli river water.

34. Cellulase production by Actinomycetes ID07–278 from grass and sugarcane bagasse for paper industry applications.

35. The effect of spent coffee grounds in increasing the calorific value of waste paper briquettes.

36. The effect of waste paper fiber on the volumetric and mechanical properties of open graded friction course mixtures.

37. Investigation on the potential use of waste paper to produce papercrete bricks.

38. Effect of papaya latex bio-activators on the morphological changes of recycled pulp fiber and paper properties: A progress towards green technology.

39. Determination of insecticide vector distribution on local production filter paper non-gradient.

40. A study on properties of ceiling board made from waste paper with urea-formaldehyde glue.

41. Investigation of surface free energy of palm oil-based offset printing ink on coated paper.

42. Review paper of two-phase flow boiling pressure drop in propane refrigeration system.

43. Semantic citation for paper correlation using recurrent neural networks.

44. Analysis of the content of lead compounds (Pb) on typed paper as wrapping Sala Bulek on body health.

45. Thermal and mechanical behavior of used food backing paper – Epoxy recycling materials.

46. Assessing the effect of size and content of shredded paper fiber on the properties of asphalt binder.

47. Enhanced capillary pumping using open-channel capillary trees with integrated paper pads.

48. The effect of electric field on the pyrolysis of transformer insulation oil–paper based on molecular dynamics.

49. Research on the performance of green and environmentally friendly epoxy resin impregnated paper 110 kV current transformer.

50. Production process analysis using six sigma approach and failure mode effect analysis to reduce sheet break on core board paper products PT. Indonesian Papertech, Subang.