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1. Nuclear Tiger with Paper Teeth: Putting China's Stagnant Nuclear Deterrent in International and Domestic Context.

2. Lien on Yourself: Stopping Paper Terrorism in the States.

3. Tales from the Blackmun Papers: The Stubborn Persistence of the Constitutional Right to Privacy and the Legacy of Harry A. Blackmun".

4. Judicial Independence From Paper to Reality: Fragmentation of Power and the Emergence of an Effective Judiciary in Mexico, 1994-2002.

5. Evaluations of New Orleans’ UrbanPublic Transportation: Extending Research--from Paper toPractice.

6. The Four Humors and the U.S. Constitution.

7. Midwest Political Science Association 80th Annual Conference.

8. Advocacy Groups as Drivers of.

9. MPSA: Midwest Political Science 75th Annual Conference April 6 - April 9, 2017.

10. Midwest Political Science Association 74th Annual Conference April 7 - April 10, 2016.

11. Servants of the People or Masters of the Government? Explaining Parliamentary Behaviour in EU Affairs.

12. Differences in Economic Performance between Refugees and Economic Immigrants.

13. Gender in Congress: When does does it matter?

14. Erich Fromm Revisited: The Tension between Religious Humanism and Religious Pathology.

15. Social Network Structure and Peer-to-Peer Voter Mobilization: Evidence from Social Network Surveys.

16. Environmental Inspectors and the Transition to Next Generation Policies: Implications for the Front-Lines.

17. Characterizing political bloggers' online and offline civic involvement: Why the Quebec experience matters.

18. The Idea of the Good in the of the Human Sciences: Reconsidering Phronesis, Theory, and Practice in Aristotle's Ethics.

19. Where does learning take place? The role of intergovernmental cooperation for policy diffusion in federal states.

20. No Help Wanted: Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's 'Different Voice'.

21. Biting the Feeding Hand: Examining Judicial Defection in Hybrid Regimes.

22. Why Armed Forces Win or Lose: An Empirical Investigation into the Fog of War.

23. U.S. Foreign Policy: Explaining the Unilateral and Multilateral Uses of Force.

24. Constraints of Structure and Culture on Activism: Comparing Student Opposition in Georgia, Ukraine, and Russia.

25. International management of walleye in Lake Erie: Conflict, cooperation, and a case study of the dispute of 2004.

26. Veto Players, Intertemporal Interactions.x000d.and Policy Adaptability: .x000d.How Do Political Institutions Work?

27. Feeding the Mind: Integrating Service-Learning into an American Public Policy Course.

28. The Impact of Social Movements on State Policy. Human Rights Movements in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

29. Guardians of the Republic: The 'Pro-secular' Movement in Turkey - A Model of Changing Motivations.

30. A Factional Spatial Theory of Congressional Organization.

31. Disentangling the Social from the Political in Thomistic Political Thought.

32. Philosophical Relativism and the Consequences to Democratic Liberalism.

33. Arab Americans after the 2008 Elections: Lobbying American Policy on the Two-State Solution.

34. Political Participation and New Public Management: Aims Achieved?

35. The Role of the European Union in the democratization processes of post-Soviet Eastern Europe; Is the EU a viable tool for democracy promotion?

36. Searching for Robust Explanatory Variables of Regional Institutionalization, 1955-2000: An Extreme Bounds Analysis (EBA).

37. Socioeconomic Inequality and Opportunities for Sustainability.

38. Live from New York: The impact of Saturday Night Live and late night talk shows on the 2008 Presidential Election Race.

39. Disastrous Decisions.A Comparative Analysis of Co-management Regimes in East Coast Fisheries.

40. Flexible Integration: American National Security Policy and the Formation of Territorial Unions.

41. What Influences Presidents to Use Religious Rhetoric?

42. Foreign Investment and State-Led Anarchy: A Case Study of China and Sudan.

43. The Making of Arab New York: Discourse and Politics in Bay Ridge.

44. On Religious Subject Formation and the Limits of Liberalism: A case study of the Fundamentalist Latter-day Saints.

45. Contextual Factors and Soft power of American and French Origin Universities in the Middle East.

46. Trading for Aid: European Union Development and Pre-Accession Assistance.

47. 'Linking Institutions' and Political Participation.

48. Transition versus Democratization and EAST versus SOUTH: A Theoretical Argument for Inter-Regional Comparison of Social Movements in Eastern Europe and Latin America.

49. Inheritance and Social Complexity: Revisiting Michael Walzer's Spheres of Justice.

50. Bankruptcy and Progressivism: Enactment and Implementation of the Bankruptcy Act of 1898, 1880-1930.