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1. Characterization of Physical and Mechanical Properties of Bleaching Paper from Rice Straw

2. Chemical Etching of TiO2 Nanorods Greatly Improves Current Generation of S. loihica PV-4 on a Carbon Paper Electrode

3. Effect of Sodium Hydroxide Concentrations on Properties of Panicum repens for Pulp and Paper

4. An Analysis of Paper Towels Shearing Properties

5. A Study of Compression Properties of Paper Towels with KES-F System

6. Tensile Properties Analysis of Paper Towels

7. Using KES-F System for Determining the Bending Properties of Paper Towels

8. Determination of Surface Properties of Paper Towels with KES-F System

9. Formation and Effect of Moisture Contents to Kraft Paper’s Life of In-Service Power Distribution Transformer

10. Cogon Grass as an Alternative Fibre for Pulp and Paper-Based Industry: On Chemical and Surface Morphological Properties

11. Study on the Antibacterial Paper Coated by ZnO/MFC for Food Packaging

12. The Potency of Waste Paper 'Egg Tray' as a Noise-Reduction Material

13. Analysis of European Transport White Papers

14. Predictive Migration Model for Organic Contaminants from Printed Paper (Board) Food Packaging Materials into Food

15. Effect of Beating on Paper Physical Strength of OCC

16. Energy Optimization of the Wire Part Driven by Three Different Motors in Paper Machine

17. Recycled Paper Fibres as Sound Absorbing Material

18. Methanogenic Performance of Pulp and Paper Mill Sludge Using Anaerobic Digestion Process

19. A Preliminary Study on the Effect of WEC Cleaner Papermaking Chemical on the Improvement of Paper Physical Strength

20. Design and Development of Virtual Interactive System for Paper-Cut Producing Process