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1. Stone Paper, an Eco-Friendly and Free-Tree Papers.

2. Environmental and socio-economic benefits of recycling of waste papers generated by educational institutes.

3. Future of sugarcane bagasse paper: A review.

4. Effects of Karnaphuli paper mill effluents on the Karnaphuli river water.

5. Young entrepreneurs participation in halal food products: A conceptual paper.

6. Paper production using Acacia auriculiformis leaf.

7. Recycling the Waste of Paper into Usable Board.

8. The effect of waste paper fiber on the volumetric and mechanical properties of open graded friction course mixtures.

9. Investigation on the potential use of waste paper to produce papercrete bricks.

10. Effect of papaya latex bio-activators on the morphological changes of recycled pulp fiber and paper properties: A progress towards green technology.

11. Determination of insecticide vector distribution on local production filter paper non-gradient.

12. A study on properties of ceiling board made from waste paper with urea-formaldehyde glue.

13. Development of a paper shearing machine using geneva mechanism.

14. The impact of European Union-Indonesia voluntary partnership agreement on forest law enforcement governance and trade on Indonesia's pulp and paper export to European Union.

15. Development of bricks from lime sludge of paper industry and assessment of indoor air quality of buildings made of them.

16. Production and decolorization of lignin from industrial waste of pulp and paper based on the coagulation method using poly aluminium chloride.

17. Comparative evaluation of mass oxygen transfer in existing aeration systems with advance oxidation techniques for treatment agro based pulp and paper mill effluents.

18. Characterization of hydroxyapatite synthesized from paper mill sludge.

19. Studying the Possibility of Extending the Lifespan of Paper Documents and Archives Using the Polymer Coating Method.

20. Modification of craft paper to change its surface properties.