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1. Paper Meets Plastic: The Perceived Environmental Friendliness of Product Packaging.

5. Effects of precipitated and ground calcium carbonate coating on mechanical properties of fluting paper.

6. Using Sustainable Technique to Recycle Waste Paper in Academic Institutions.

7. A method to determine arsenic concentration in drinking water based on proton gradient and conductance measurements in filter paper media.

8. Non-Verbal Communication Aspect in Paper Umbrella Craft as Intangible Cultural Heritage in Malang.

11. Effect of Carbon Fiber Paper with Thickness Gradient on Electromagnetic Shielding Performance of X-Band.

12. Oil blotting paper for formalin fixation increases endoscopic ultrasound‐guided tissue acquisition‐collected sample volumes on glass slides.

13. The interplay between artificial intelligence, production systems, and operations management resilience.

14. Pinecone-Inspired Humidity-Responsive Paper Actuators with Bilayer Structure.

15. Preparation of Filter Paper from Bamboo and Investigating the Effect of Additives.

16. Molecular simulation of different types of polysilsesquioxane doped cellulose insulating paper: A guide for special cellulose insulating paper.

19. Paper: part and parcel of the agriculture industry.

20. Investigation of deinking efficiencies of trigromi laserjet printed papers depending on the number of recycling.

21. Aging Characterization of Modified Insulating Paper Based on the Transmission Characteristics of Microstrip Resonant Sensors.

22. Study and characterization of paper bookbindings from 16 to 18th stored in the Marciana National Library (Venice).

23. Sustainable Sensing with Paper Microfluidics: Applications in Health, Environment, and Food Safety.

25. Environmental Sustainability and The Demand For Recycled Paper: A Case Study of Production and Supply Chain Management at PT. Recycled Paper Hub in the B2B Industry.

26. An approach based on open research knowledge graph for knowledge acquisition from scientific papers.

27. Nanoparticle-enhanced laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for serum element analysis using an Ag NP-coated filter paper substrate.

28. Synthesis of Water-Dispersible Poly(dimethylsiloxane) and Its Potential Application in the Paper Coating Industry as an Alternative for PFAS-Coated Paper and Single-Use Plastics.

30. Rapid Determination of Cr 3+ and Mn 2+ in Water Using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Combined with Filter Paper Modified with Gold Nanoclusters.

31. Research Progress and Prospect of Condition Assessment Techniques for Oil–Paper Insulation Used in Power Systems: A Review.

32. Multi-tier supply chain sustainability in the pulp and paper industry: a framework and evaluation methodology.

33. Optical and Printing Properties of Deinked Office Waste Printed Paper.

34. "It Looks Good on Paper, But It Was Never Meant to Be Real": Mixed-Gender Events in the Paralympic Movement.

36. Cometabolic bacterial and fungal remediation as a promising strategy for recycled paper and cardboard mill wastewater treatment.

37. Kinetic Assessment of Kraft and Thermally Upgraded Kraft Papers Aged in Five Alternative Dielectric Fluids.

38. Recent Research Progress of Paper‐Based Supercapacitors Based on Cellulose.

39. The Last Days of The Local Paper.

40. Taking the Full Measure: Integrating Replication into Research Practice to Assess Generalizability.

41. A Framework for Measuring Relevancy in Discovery Environments: Increasing Scalability and Reproducibility.

42. A rigid–soft hybrid paper-based flexible pressure sensor with an ultrawide working range and frequency bandwidth.

43. Journalistic Writing Competence and Management Skills of School Paper Advisers.

44. Treatment of Pulp and Paper Industrial Effluent Using integrated methods: A review.

45. Research on Strengthening Fragile Paper with Polyvinylamine.

48. Eliminating the routine use of examination table paper in outpatient oncology clinics.

49. Activated Carbon from Paper Waste as Potential Adsorbents for Methylene Blue and Hexavalent Chromium.

50. Biodegradation of Cellulosic Wastes and Deinking of Colored Paper with Isolated Novel Cellulolytic Bacteria.