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1. Librarians Working with Chronic Conditions During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic.

2. Athletes' Coping With the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Role of Self-Compassion and Cognitive Appraisal.

3. Insight into the management of patients with melanoma in times of the COVID-19 pandemic - a single-center experience.

4. Dersliklerde kabul edilebilir COVID-19 enfeksiyon riskine dayalı belirlenen havalandırma oranlarının ısıtmadan kaynaklanan enerji tüketimine etkisi.

5. Much ado about nothing? The covid-19 pandemic and the spread of populist discourse in Portugal.

6. Missing Out, as Well: The Absence of Youth Sports and Its Effect on Parents During the COVID-19 Global Pandemic.

7. Psychosocial Functionality in Adolescents with Inborn Errors of Immunity During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

8. COVID‐19 as an opportunity window for policy change; insights from electronic authentication case study in Iran.

9. Eating behaviors and physical activity during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown: experiences of breast cancer patients on adjuvant hormonal therapy.

10. Survey to Assess the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Tinnitus Perception.

11. Profiles of objective and subjective cognitive function in Post-COVID Syndrome, COVID-19 recovered, and COVID-19 naïve individuals.

12. COVID-19 booster vaccine uptake and reduced risks for long-COVID: A cross-sectional study of a U.S. adult population.

13. The economic costs of COVID‐19 in a rural Western US state.

14. Challenges of COVID‐19 vaccination program in rural areas of Eastern Indonesia: A qualitative study from a multistakeholder perspective.

15. The anatomy of COVID mortality in Russia's regions, 2020–22.

16. COVID-19 Diagnosis, Severity, and Long COVID Among U.S. Adolescents, National Health Interview Survey, 2022.

17. Judicial reasoning, individual cultural types, and support for COVID‐19 vaccine mandates.

18. Lessons we learned during the past four challenging years in the COVID-19 era: pharmacotherapy, long COVID complications, and vaccine development.

19. The local governance of COVID‐19: Lessons learned and ways forward in rural Bangladesh.

20. Effect of COVID-19 response work experience on turnover intention among employees of dedicated COVID-19 hospitals in Seoul.

21. Frequency of SARS-COV-2 infection and COVID-19 vaccine uptake and protection among Syrian refugees: COVID-19 Vaccine among Syrian Refugees.

22. Risk of COVID-19 in pediatric population and the effects of COVID-19 vaccination: A retrospective cohort study.

23. Exploring the Psychosocial Impacts on COVID-19 Survivors: A Qualitative Study of Life after COVID-19 Diagnosis and Quarantine in South Korea.

24. Rethinking Queer (Asian) Studies: Geopolitics, Covid-19, and Post-Covid Queer Theories and Mobilities.

25. Continuity and discontinuity of rituals: Covid-19 pandemic in Southern Africa.

26. Covid-19 infection as ritual process in Venda, South Africa.

27. Presence of SARS-CoV-2 RNA in COVID-19 survivors with post-COVID symptoms: a systematic review of the literature.

28. Next-generation sequencing of host genetics risk factors associated with COVID-19 severity and long-COVID in Colombian population.

29. Clinical presentation of post-COVID pain and its impact on quality of life in long COVID patients: a cross-sectional household survey of SARS-CoV-2 cases in Bangladesh.

30. Ceftazidim/avibaktam u liječenju intrahospitalnih pneumonija kod mehanički ventiliranih bolesnika s infekcijom COVID-19.

31. Intracranial complications of sinogenic and otogenic infections in children: an ESPN survey on their occurrence in the pre-COVID and post-COVID era.

32. Socioeconomic Inequalities in SARS-CoV-2 Infection and COVID-19 Health Outcomes in Urban Italy During the COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout, January–November 2021.

33. The impact of cancer metastases on COVID‐19 outcomes: A COVID‐19 and Cancer Consortium registry‐based retrospective cohort study.

34. Impacts of COVID-19 on Physician Labour Market Activities.

35. COVID-19 and the Mental Health of Adolescents in British Columbia.

36. Neuropsychologische Begutachtung bei COVID-19-assoziierten Erkrankungen: Empfehlungen aus der und für die Praxis.

37. The shocks and integrations of COVID-19 pandemic on Chinese agricultural markets: comparative empirical evidence from China and other countries.

38. Impact of COVID-19 Treatment on Real-World Outcomes in Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

39. How Political Ideology and Media Shaped Vaccination Intention in the Early Stages of the COVID-19 Pandemic in the United States.

40. Information needs and feelings of the Greek population towards vaccination against COVID-19 during the pandemic.

41. Elevated Troponins after COVID-19 Hospitalization and Long-Term COVID-19 Symptoms: Incidence, Prognosis, and Clinical Outcomes—Results from a Multi-Center International Prospective Registry (HOPE-2).

42. A Comparison of Sensorimotor Integration and Motor Fitness Components between Collegiate Athletes with and without Long COVID: A Cross-Sectional Study with Pair-Matched Controls.

43. Vacillating vaccines: responses to Covid-19 in the United States and South Africa.

44. Dissolution of transactional sex relationships during COVID-19: a qualitative study of Ugandan men's experiences during COVID-19 lockdowns.

45. Oral lesions with immunohistochemical evidence of Sars‐CoV‐2 in swab‐negative post‐COVID syndrome.

46. Investigating the conditions of vulnerability experienced by migrant workers during the COVID‐19 pandemic in Kerala, India.

47. Serological markers and long COVID—A rapid systematic review.

48. Long COVID in pediatrics—epidemiology, diagnosis, and management.

49. Need for standardization and compliance to treatment protocols for COVID-19 within the African Region of the World Health Organization.

50. Effects of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy on Long COVID: A Systematic Review.


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