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Dissolution of transactional sex relationships during COVID-19: a qualitative study of Ugandan men's experiences during COVID-19 lockdowns.

Authors :
Nishimura, Holly M.
Nakyanjo, Neema
Ddaaki, William
Kiyingi, Anne C.
Mukwana, Emmanuel
Nalugoda, Fred
Ssekyewa, Charles
Denison, Julie
Grabowski, M. Kate
Kagaayi, Joseph
Kennedy, Caitlin E.
Source :
Culture, Health & Sexuality. May2024, Vol. 26 Issue 5, p687-700. 14p.
Publication Year :


The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent mitigation measures led to social disruption and negative economic shocks for a large proportion of Uganda's population. The social and economic consequences of COVID-19 on Ugandan men's sexual behaviours, including transactional sex relationships, are unclear. We conducted in-depth interviews between November 2021–February 2022 with 26 men in a high HIV prevalence region of Uganda. Data were analysed thematically to understand how sexual relationships, including transactional sex, were impacted by COVID-19. We found that COVID-19 mitigation measures had far-reaching social and economic impacts on most respondents, particularly those employed in the informal economy. Men described experiencing job loss, food insecurity and restricted mobility, which limited opportunities to provide for and meet with transactional sex partners. Inability to provide financial resources meant that men could not form new transactional sex relationships and men who could no longer provide for their existing transactional sex partners consistently reported relationship dissolution. Men who reported stable employment during the pandemic described few changes in transactional sex relationships. Similarly, men in non-transactional relationships did not report relationship dissolution despite decreased financial provision. Further research should assess the potential short- and long-term impacts of COVID-19 mitigation measures on transactional sex relationships. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]


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Culture, Health & Sexuality
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Academic Journal
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