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The information-seeking behavior of aquatic science librarians in response to a query.

Authors :
Superio, Daryl L.
Oliveros, Mary Grace H.
Palcullo, Vince Ervin V.
Geromiano, Joy F.
Source :
Public Services Quarterly. Oct-Dec2020, Vol. 16 Issue 4, p280-291. 12p. 2 Charts, 2 Graphs.
Publication Year :


When searching for information in response to a query, their own library's online public access catalog (OPAC) and databases remain the most preferred resource for most aquatic science librarians. This preference does not vary regardless of age, gender, educational degree, position or designation, country classification, or type of library. While the Internet acts as a supplement to the library collection, whenever the requested information is not available at the library, librarians prefer Googling instead of looking at other sources. Other than aquatic science-specific open access repositories and databases, some of the librarians have identified Google Scholar, DOAJ, ResearchGate, and Academia, among many others as valuable resources that help them fulfill their clientele's query. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]


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Public Services Quarterly
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Academic Journal
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