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1. Ingenious librarians devise games to challenge young readers.

2. action exchange.

3. The Micro and The Small Library.


5. It's not too late to save the books.

6. bulletin board.


8. CD Collection Development: SOURCES AND TOOLS.

9. Beyond the Surface.

10. "Leading the way in the fight against illiteracy, our industry's number one problem"

11. Viewpoints.

12. Libraries: `Crystal ball' locates electronic information about chemistry.

13. Hull University's new on-online research guide.

14. Libraries: Louisiana State puts rare-book collection on data bases.

15. Research lib. deadline.

16. Americans say public libraries play vital role in education.

17. AAC&U and the Library of Congress.

18. The Barry Broadfoot Collection is now.

19. UC Berkeley's Digital Library Project.

20. The Adele Goodman Clark papers have.

21. Shelley's heart on the digital bookshelf.

22. Brodart publishes 20th edition of ESLC.

23. Science: Amphibians.

24. National Digital Library.

25. Library of Congress releases three new collections on the World Wide Web.

26. Library of Congress to release new collections.

27. Sowing a Wildlife Garden Resource.

28. Brodart Elementary School collection lists materials.

29. The zine scene: Libraries preserve the latest trend in publishing.

30. Market research made easy on Lexis-Nexis.

31. The Final Barrier.

32. Enriching the internet.

33. Portraits of presidents and first ladies on the Web.

34. Library of Congress debuts new online collections.

35. U. of California plans new on-line library.

36. Carte blanche.

37. Library of Congress' Voices of the Dust Bowl Electronic Collection Debuts.

38. Papers of Hermine Dalkowitz...

39. Assembling the world's biggest library on your desktop.

40. Mnemonic device.

41. Special Collections reopens at Old Dominion University.

42. Everything you ever wanted...

43. Scenic route to wide world.

44. Electronic Stacks.

45. Digital Library Initiatives.

46. Bringing Library Collections Online.

47. Performance Sets.

48. Bringing Archives to Life on the Web.

49. Sagebrush Corp. Releases Athena v8.1, Athena Webserver v3.1, and Add-on Updates.

50. American Friend Obituary Index available.


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