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1. Toward developing performance metrics for library print-based specialized collections using available circulation data and ratio analysis.

2. Automatisierte semantische Anreicherung von historischen Texten: Erkennung und Verknüpfung von Entitäten mit Wikidata und Wikipedia.

3. Council on East Asian Libraries Statistics 2022-2023 for North American Institutions.

4. Toys and Tools To Go - Adaptive Toy Collection Available at Palm Harbor Library.

5. Design of the Global Health chemical diversity library v2 for screening against infectious diseases.

6. Effect of vitamin D supplementation on various parameters in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: An updated meta-analysis.

7. Government-supported clinical knowledge and information resource portals are key to ensuring quality, safe health care and evidence-based practice - the Australian context.

8. So You Want to Be a Leader? Examining Pathways to Special Collections Administration.

9. FAST Headings in MODS: Michigan State University Libraries Digital Repository Case Study.

10. Persistent URLs and Citations Offered for Digital Objects by Digital Libraries.


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