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301. Shelley's heart on the digital bookshelf.

302. Carte blanche.

303. Viewpoints.

304. Papers of Hermine Dalkowitz...

305. Americans say public libraries play vital role in education.

306. Library of Congress debuts new online collections.

307. Portraits of presidents and first ladies on the Web.

308. Brodart Elementary School collection lists materials.

309. Library of Congress to release new collections.

310. Brodart publishes 20th edition of ESLC.

311. Libraries: `Crystal ball' locates electronic information about chemistry.

312. New Projects Boost Digital Library Content.

313. Digitization Plans Hit Rough Waters.

314. Library of Congress Completes Historical Archiving Project, Implements OpenURL.


316. Sagebrush Corp. Releases Athena v8.1, Athena Webserver v3.1, and Add-on Updates.

317. Corrections.

318. Public Library Expanding Its Online Offerings.

319. New York Public Library Introduces iPad Apps.

320. Gordon Parks Photos Heading To College.

321. Sony Reaches Deal to Share In Google's E-Book Library.

322. Photos And Documents Go To Film Academy.

323. Ingenious librarians devise games to challenge young readers.

324. It's not too late to save the books.

325. Libraries: Louisiana State puts rare-book collection on data bases.

326. U. of California plans new on-line library.

327. Preserving 19th-century British Library Newspapers.

328. Springer Launches eBooks Program.

329. A National Digital Library by 2020? Oracle Bones to Kilobytes.

330. Europe Unites to Create Its Own Digital Library.

331. netLibrary Teams with Recorded Books.

332. Ovid Introduces LinkSolver.

333. EBSCO Makes 100 Million Records Available .

334. knovel Adds Content, Partners with OCLC .

335. Follett Software Brings Online Collection Access to Novell NetWare v5.1 Users.


337. Library of Congress' Voices of the Dust Bowl Electronic Collection Debuts.

338. Library of Congress releases three new collections on the World Wide Web.

339. bulletin board.

340. New Kids' E-Books Site Disappoints.


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