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2. The Changing Nature and Role of Vocational Education and Training in Europe. Volume 7: VET from a Lifelong Learning Perspective: Continuing VET Concepts, Providers and Participants in Europe 1995-2015. Cedefop Research Paper No. 74

5. Evaluation of Dried Blood and Cerebrospinal Fluid Filter Paper Spots for Storing and Transporting Clinical Material for the Molecular Diagnosis of Invasive Meningococcal Disease.

6. Multidisciplinary paper on patient blood management in cardiothoracic surgery in the UK: perspectives on practice during COVID-19.

9. Weekly Policy Papers.

12. Impact of sampling and data collection methods on maternity survey response: a randomised controlled trial of paper and push-to-web surveys and a concurrent social media survey.

13. Weekly Policy Papers.

14. Methods for living guidelines: early guidance based on practical experience. Paper 2: consumer engagement in living guidelines.

15. Worth the paper it's written on? A cross-sectional study of Medical Certificate of Stillbirth accuracy in the UK.

16. Bourdieu's field theory applied to the story of the UK radiography profession: A discussion paper.

17. Weekly Policy Papers.