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4. Do Role Models Matter in Large Classes? New Evidence on Gender Match Effects in Higher Education. Discussion Paper. No. 1896

5. [White Paper - Improving the care of patients with impairments following sepsis and infections].

7. The era of the Dawn of Mendelian research in the field of psychiatry: Rüdin's 1922 review paper "regarding the heredity of mental disturbances".

8. White Paper: Radiology Curriculum for Undergraduate Medical Education in Germany and Integration into the NKLM 2.0.

11. Effects of Tablet-Based Drawing and Paper-Based Methods on Medical Students' Learning of Gross Anatomy

12. [Perspective Paper "Future Prevention Research" - Current and Future Coordinated Research on Prevention and Health Promotion].

13. [Multiple sclerosis treatment consensus group (MSTCG): position paper on disease-modifying treatment of multiple sclerosis 2021 (white paper)].

16. Education Inequality. Discussion Paper No. 1849

17. The Research University, Invention and Industry: Evidence from German History. Discussion Paper No. 1856

18. Determination of color developers replacing bisphenol A in thermal paper receipts using diode array and Corona charged aerosol detection-A German market analysis 2018/2019.

20. The people behind the papers - Lukasz Truszkowski and Erez Raz.