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1. Rapid discrimination of geographical origin of garlic (Allium sativum L.): A metabolomic approach applied to paper spray mass spectrometry data.

2. Evaluation of As-Received Green Liquor Dregs and Biomass Ash Residues from a Pulp and Paper Industry as Raw Materials for Geopolymers.

3. Assessing the potential utilization of super teak for furniture, flooring, veneer, pulp paper and wood pellets.

4. From plagiarism to scientific paper mills: a profile of retracted articles within the SciELO Brazil collection.

5. Role of silicon and silicon fertilizers in the world: a review of papers from the Scopus database published in English for the period of 2012–2022.

6. Authenticity study of commercial samples of St. John's wort by paper spray ionization mass spectrometry and chemometric tools.

7. Virtual analyzer of extractive content in Eucalyptus wood based on hybrid modeling approach for the pulp and paper industry.

8. Breves considerações sobre Comunicações circunscritas a temáticas oriundas da Ásia apresentadas nos congressos nacionais da ANPTECRE e do PPCIR (CONACIR), da área de Ciência(s) da(s) Religião(ões) no Brasil (2011-2021).

9. Characterization of Fibers from Culms and Leaves of Arundo donax L. (Poaceae) for Handmade Paper Production.

10. Classifying papers into subfields using Abstracts, Titles, Keywords and KeyWords Plus through pattern detection and optimization procedures: An application in Physics.

11. Monitoring Leishmania   infantum Infections in Female Lutzomyia   longipalpis by Using DNA Extraction on Cation Exchange Paper and PCR Pool Testing.

12. Screening method for the characterization of anabolic steroids seized in Brazil using paper spray mass spectrometry and chemometric tools.

13. Morte e epistemicídio: silêncios e ausências nas produções acadêmicas em Comunicação sobre assassinatos.

14. Microanalytical investigation of brazilian coat of arms paintings on paper.

15. Determination of thallium in water samples via solid sampling HR-CS GF AAS after preconcentration on chromatographic paper.

16. Evapotranspiration and crop coefficients of Italian zucchini cultivated with recycled paper as mulch.

17. Holistic assessment of Brazil's bioenergetic potential.

18. Evapotranspiration and crop coefficient of Physalis peruviana cultivated with recycled paper as mulch.

19. Fossil cutin of Karinopteris (Middle Pennsylvanian pteridosperm) from the "paper" coal of Indiana, U.S.A.

20. Lula's Prison Letters and the Brazilian Presidential Papers: Archives, Readings, and Uses.

22. On Racial Melancholy and the Need to See. Commentary on Archangelo and O'Loughlin's Paper "Exploring Racial Formation in Children: Thoughts from an Encounter with Black Children in Brazil".

23. Rapid and direct detection of artificially aged papers employing easy ambient sonic‐spray ionization mass spectrometry.

24. Quality assessment of scientific papers: Excellence or legitimization of research practices?

25. Reestruturação produtiva da cadeia de papel e celulose em Imperatriz - MA: terra, transportes e trabalho.

26. A bottom-up methodology for long term electricity consumption forecasting of an industrial sector - Application to pulp and paper sector in Brazil.


28. Plant-plant parasitism: Trends in the last 50 years and a call for papers for a special issue in Flora.

29. Antropocentrismo e Comunicação: Análise dos GT da COMPÓS "Epistemologia da comunicação" e "Comunicação e Cibercultura" de 2017 a 2019.

30. The philosophy of sport in Brazil: in search of the construction of a field of research.

31. Land Rights Protection in the Pulp and Paper Production System.

32. Brazilian Scientific Research about Acupuncture in Dentistry: Bibliometric Analysis of the Papers Presented at SBPqO Meetings.

33. Circular economy practices using the ReSOLVE framework: An assessment by sector and scale in the Brazilian planted tree industry.

34. Critical Whiteness Studies and International Relations: disputing narratives and challenging epidermalized structures of power in teaching, research and extension.

35. Drivers of the Adoption of Eco-Innovations in the Pulp, Paper, and Paper Products Industry in Brazil.

36. Life cycle assessment of offset paper production in Brazil: hotspots and cleaner production alternatives.

37. Paper, Ink, Vodun, and the Inquisition: Tracing Power, Slavery, and Witchcraft in the Early Modern Portuguese Atlantic.

38. It's not just a piece of paper: University education signals status and personality.

39. Why the Brazilian Jewish Left Is Not Anti-Zionist.

40. What do we know about zooplankton occurrence and distribution in Neotropical streams? A systematic review of published studies in Brazil.

41. Awareness and knowledge of dementia and its communication disorders amongst Brazilian speech and language therapists.

42. A tale of two Youth Expert Groups (YEGs): Learnings from youth activism in research in India and Brazil.

43. The Brazilian Hymnological Melting Pot: Investigating Ethnoracial Discourses in the Compilation of the Lutheran Hymnal Livro de Canto (2017).

44. Social paper wasp (Agelaia pallipes) predates songbird nestling.

45. Germination test of Cordia trichotoma seeds: a forest species native to Brazil.

46. Engineering Properties of Fibrous Paper Mill Sludge from Southern Brazil.

47. Creative translation pathways for exploring gendered violence against Brazilian migrant women through a feminist translocational lens.

48. Investigating the 'Bolsonaro effect' on the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic: An empirical analysis of observational data in Brazil.

49. Forging alliances: political competition and industrial policy in democratic Brazil.

50. Renewable Energy Potentials and Roadmap in Brazil, Austria, and Germany.