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1. Towards Connectivism: Exploring Student Use of Online Learning Management Systems during the COVID-19 Pandemic

2. COVID-19 infection is mild and has minimal impact on lung function in well vaccinated and widely treated lung transplant recipients.

3. Poor reporting limited consideration of EDI in the Australian guidelines for the clinical care of people with COVID-19.

4. Nutrition delivery across hospitalisation in critically ill patients with COVID-19: An observational study of the Australian experience.

5. Communicating the Imperfect Diagnostic Accuracy of COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Self-Tests: An Online Randomized Experiment.

6. A prospective observational cohort study of covid-19 epidemiology and vaccine seroconversion in South Western Sydney, Australia, during the 2021-2022 pandemic period.

7. Long COVID in a highly vaccinated but largely unexposed Australian population following the 2022 SARS-CoV-2 Omicron wave: a cross-sectional survey.

8. A Systematic Review of the Research Topics in Online Learning during COVID-19: Documenting the Sudden Shift

9. Evaluating a peer-to-peer health education program in Australian public housing communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

10. High COVID-19 vaccine uptake following initial hesitancy among people in Australia who inject drugs.

11. Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis and transverse myelitis following COVID-19 vaccination - A self-controlled case series analysis.

12. The experience of traumatic events, psychological distress, and social support: links to COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy and trends with age in a group of older Australians.

13. Teachers' Experiences of Teaching during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Research Report

14. The effect of a financial incentive on COVID-19 vaccination uptake, and predictors of uptake, in people experiencing homelessness: A randomized controlled trial.

15. Impact of COVID-19 on people with non-functioning spleens in Australia.

16. Letter to the Editor: A comparison of post-COVID vaccine myocarditis classification using the Brighton Collaboration criteria versus (United States) Centers for Disease Control criteria: an update.

17. Attitudes, perceptions, and experiences of Western Australians towards vaccine safety surveillance systems following COVID-19 vaccines: A qualitative descriptive study.

18. Online Learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Does Social Connectedness and Learning Community Predict Self-Determined Needs and Course Satisfaction?

19. Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on VET. Research Report

20. COVID-related disruptions to colorectal cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment could increase cancer Burden in Australia and Canada: A modelling study.

21. Reasons for Hospitalization Among Australians With Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes and COVID-19.

22. Impact of COVID-19 on Formal Education: An International Review of Practices and Potentials of Open Education at a Distance

23. The Impact of Using Artificial Data in Undergraduate Statistics Students' Projects Due to COVID-19 Lockdowns

24. Measuring COVID-19's Impact on International HE Students and Intervention Satisfaction: Implications for Marketing Theory and Practice

25. Was COVID-19 an Unexpected Catalyst for More Equitable Learning Outcomes? A Comparative Analysis after Two Years of Disrupted Schooling in Australian Primary Schools

26. Multilevel Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Bioecological Systems Perspective of Parent and Child Experiences

27. Experiences and Challenges Related to Wellbeing Faced by Australian Higher Degree Research Candidates Prior to and during the COVID-19 Pandemic

28. Got Sick of Surveys or Lack of Social Capital? An Investigation on the Effects of the COVID-19 Lockdown on Institutional Surveying

29. Hope during COVID-19: A Poetic Inquiry of Early Career Academics

30. Cardiovascular outcomes for people hospitalised with COVID-19 in Australia, and the effect of vaccination: an observational cohort study.

31. Response to COVID-19 vaccination in patients on cancer therapy: Analysis in a SARS-CoV-2-naïve population.

32. Schooling Upheaval during COVID-19: Troubling Consequences for Students' Return to School

33. 'I Miss Seeing the Kids!': Australian Teachers' Changing Roles, Preferences, and Positive and Negative Experiences of Remote Teaching during the COVID-19 Pandemic

34. Looking into the 'Dark Mirror': Autoethnographic Reflections on the Impact of COVID-19 and Change Fatigue on the Wellbeing of Enabling Practitioners

35. Enhancing Novice Educator Confidence to Teach Synchronously Online during the COVID-19 Pandemic

36. Non-SARS-CoV-2 respiratory viral detection and whole genome sequencing from COVID-19 rapid antigen test devices: a laboratory evaluation study.

37. The Contestation of Policies for Schools during the COVID-19 Crisis: A Comparison of Teacher Unions' Positions in Germany and Australia

38. 'It's Out of My Hands': Migrant Parents' Challenging Experiences of Home-Schooling during the COVID-19 Lockdowns

39. Boundary-Less and Care-Full: Women Academics' Perception and Negotiation of Work-Life Domains during the COVID-19 Work from Home Era at an Australian Regional University

40. 'Teachers Are the Guinea Pigs': Teacher Perspectives on a Sudden Reopening of Schools during the COVID-19 Pandemic

41. Shared Uncertainties: Mapping Digital Teaching Artistry in Youth Performing Arts during COVID-19

42. Crisis Management during the COVID-19 Pandemic Response within an Australian Higher Education Institution -- A Qualitative Analysis

43. Educational Technology Research during the COVID-19 Pandemic

44. 'In Any Crisis There Is an Opportunity for Us to Learn Something New': Australian Teacher Experiences during COVID-19

45. Opportunities for Developing Intercultural Competence during COVID-19: A Case Study of International Students in Australia

46. COVID-19 vaccination hesitancy in Australia: a public health issue.

47. Factors influencing uptake of the COVID-19 vaccination among pregnant women in Australia: A cross-sectional survey.

48. Anxious, Disconnected and 'Missing Out', but Oh so Convenient: Tertiary Students' Perspectives of Remote Teaching and Learning with COVID-19

49. Pre-Service Teachers' Self-Efficacy during Professional Experience through COVID-19: A Large-Scale Survey of Pre-Service Teachers at a Regional University in Australia

50. The Impacts of COVID-19 Lockdowns on Professional and Personal Lives of Freelance Creative Collaborative Musicians


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