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1. Transient Modeling and Simulation of a Multiple‐Stage Evaporator in the Paper Industry.

2. Modelling and Simulation of Intelligent English Paper Generating Based on SSA-GA.

3. Optimization and design of bending‐insensitive paper‐based LC wireless passive sensors.

4. A Modified Simulation Model for Predicting the FDS of Transformer Oil-Paper Insulation Under Nonuniform Aging.

5. Construction and Operation Costs of Wastewater Treatment and Implications for the Paper Industry in China.

6. Numerical simulation of the behavior of ball absorber in the spherical dish.

7. Observing System Simulation Experiments (OSSEs) in Support of Next-Generation NOAA Satellite Constellation.

8. A solution process for simulation-based multiobjective design optimization with an application in the paper industry.


10. Thermal Stability of Modified Insulation Paper Cellulose Based on Molecular Dynamics Simulation.

11. Moisture-induced buckling of paper sheets, analysis and simulation.

12. Quantifying the impact of scholarly papers based on higher-order weighted citations.

13. Use of modelling and simulation in the pulp and paper industry.

14. Deflection and plasticity of soft-tip bevelled blades in paper coating operations

15. Determining the Availability of Continuous Systems in Open Pits Using ANFIS and a Simulation Model.

16. Research progress of hydrocarbon generation kinetics based on gold tube.

17. 基于线上线下超网络模型的舆论演化仿真分析.

18. FOC motor control system and simulation based on fuzzy PID control.

19. Modeling and simulation of passive bipedal locomotion systems with hybrid dynamics.

20. The Influence of Mobility Rate on Spiral Waves in Spatial Rock-Paper-Scissors Games.

21. Water network cost optimization in a paper mill based on a new library of mathematical models.

22. Advanced three-dimensional paper structures: Mechanical characterization and forming of sheets made from modified cellulose fibers.

23. Hardware-in-the-loop simulation of autonomous system using neural network in small computer platform.

24. Simulation of water sensitive papers for spray analysis.

25. Charge Transport Simulation in Single-Layer Oil-Paper Insulation.

26. Three-dimensional CFD modeling and simulation on the performance of steam ejector heat pump for dryer section of the paper machine.

27. Gradient-based autonomous obstacle avoidance trajectory planning for B-spline UAVs.

28. Efficient scheduling technology for a bioidentification simulation model based on a lightweight container.

29. A fully automated tool for constructing multiphysics model and performing simulations of kW-scale solid oxide cell stacks.

30. Current spectral norm and phase variation based fault region identification for active distribution network.

31. Three-dimensional numerical simulation and theoretical model of a hollow droplet impacting on a solid surface.

32. A finite volume model for maintaining stationarity and reducing spurious oscillations in simulations of sewer system filling and emptying.



35. Verification and validation of software process simulation models: A systematic mapping study.

36. Observations, Remote Sensing, and Model Simulation to Analyze Southern Brazil Antarctic Ozone Hole Influence.

37. Mathematical modeling and simulations of stress mitigation by coating polycrystalline particles in lithium-ion batteries.

38. Nonlinear model predictive control for yaw rate and body motion control through semi-active and active suspensions.

39. Cloud security game theory scoring from predation models in simulation.

40. Emergency front‐of‐neck access in pediatric anesthesia: A narrative review.

41. Data assimilation for online model calibration in discrete event simulation.

42. Characterization of geological uncertainties from limited boreholes using copula-based coupled Markov chains for underground construction.

43. Digital Twin-Enabled Characterization of GNSS Multipath in Challenging Reference Stations Using a Dual-Polarized Probe.

44. Modular Dynamic Phasor Modeling and Simulation of Renewable Integrated Power Systems.

45. Comparison of surface tension models for the simulation of two-phase flow in an ISPH-FVM coupling method.

46. Multi-Scenario Simulation of Land System Change in the Guangdong–Hong Kong–Macao Greater Bay Area Based on a Cellular Automata–Markov Model.

47. Multibody modelling of tether and capture system for dynamic simulations of In-Air Capturing.

48. A Proposed ABC Model for Accurate Simulation of 3-Phase Induction Motor with Inter-Turn Faults.

49. Construction and application of a simulation optimization model of auxiliary guidance signs in enclosed public places.

50. Longitudinal ultrasonic vibration assisted guillotining of stacked paper.