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1. Interplay between structural scales and fracture process zone: experimental and numerical analysis on paper as a model material.

2. Folding behavior of thin-walled tubular deployable composite boom for space applications: Experiments and numerical simulation.

3. Comment on the paper "Numerical analysis for the non-Newtonian flow over stratified stretching/shrinking inclined sheet with the aligned magnetic field and nonlinear convection, Muhammad Bilal, Muzma Nazeer, Archives of Applied Mechanics, 2021, 91: 949–964"

4. The impact of sample size on transport properties of carbon-paper and carbon-cloth GDLs: Direct simulation using the lattice Boltzmann model.

5. Covid-19 analysis: A critique of a paper by Q. Lin.

6. Preface: Proceedings of the International Conference on Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics 2022 (ICNAAM-2022).

7. New Method for Evaluation of Radial Crush Strength of Paper Cores.

8. Research on evolutionary game and stability of port cooperation.

9. Full waveform inversion and Lagrange multipliers.

10. Finite element analysis of extended Fisher-Kolmogorov equation with Neumann boundary conditions.

11. Numerical analysis and simulation of European options under liquidity shocks: A coupled semilinear system approach with new IMEX methods.

12. Time-Domain Induced Polarization Tomography Inversion.

13. Evaluation of tribological performance in contact pairs by implementing the biomimetic surface textures with lubricant flow using CFD techniques.

14. Positive semidefinite kernels that are axially symmetric on the sphere and stationary in time: spectral and semi-spectral theory, and constructive approaches.

15. Elastic instabilities of soft laminates with stiffening behavior.

16. Numerical analysis of thermal and mechanical characteristics with property maps in complex semiconductor package designs.

17. Seismic Performance Assessment of a Cable-Damper Stopper Equipped for Coal-Fired Thermal Power Plants: Theoretical and Numerical Analyses.

18. Numerical Analysis on Performance Improvement of a Vertical Plate Indirect Evaporative Cooler with Baffles.

19. Numerical analysis of hydromagnetic particulate Reiner-Rivlin fluid flow in an asymmetric non-uniform channel with a heat source.

21. Numerical and experimental studies on the characteristics of friction torque based on wet paper-based clutches.

22. Dynamics of a discrete SIRD model based on Lotka-Volterra mappings.

23. Mathematical model for mixing in a paper-based channel and applications to the generation of a concentration gradient.

24. Simultaneous high- and low-angle particle impact during wear of metering blades used in paper coating

25. Modelling of time related drying changes on matte coated paper with artificial neural networks

26. Design and analysis of a large tolerance docking mechanism.

27. [formula omitted]- and [formula omitted]-stability of Runge–Kutta collocation methods.

28. Three-dimensional numerical analysis of large-scale horizontal square anchors in geogrid-reinforced sand.


30. 2818. Republished Paper. Numerical study for single and multiple damage detection and localization in beam-like structures using BAT algorithm.

31. Influence of saturable absorber parameters on the hybrid mode-locking performance of fiber lasers.

32. Modelling the dynamical behaviour of a paper web. Part I

33. Analysis of the out-of-plane compression and shear response of paper-based web-core sandwiches subject to large deformation.

34. Analysis of the shape of a sheet of paper when two opposite edges are joined.

35. An experimental study of fire growth and suppression of roll paper at small scales.

36. Research on noise reduction methods for indoor substations based on resonant sound absorption.

37. RC-XGBoost-Based Mechanical Parameters Back Analysis of Rock Mass in Heavily Fractured Tunnel: A Case in Yunnan, China.

38. Case study on long-term deformation monitoring and numerical simulation of layered rock slopes on both sides of Wudongde dam reservoir area.

39. A Distributed Multi-Timescale Dispatch Strategy for a City-Integrated Energy System with Carbon Capture Power Plants.

40. Education and professionalization of Physical Education Teachers: research trends and developments in German-language literature in relation to Anglophone perspectives.

41. Stability and Error Analysis of an Efficient Numerical Method for Convection Dominated Parabolic PDEs with Jump Discontinuity in Source Function on Modified Layer-Adapted Mesh.

42. Numerical analysis of singularly perturbed parabolic reaction diffusion differential difference equations.

43. Micro-mechanical numerical analysis on ductile damage in multiaxially loaded anisotropic metals.

44. Numerical analysis and optimization of dual rotor wind turbine for low wind speed area.

45. Stability analysis of the SVLI1I2QR type COVID-19 spread model.

46. Numerical analysis for thermal stability evaluation of perovskite solar cell using SCAPS-1D.

47. 2819. Republished Paper. Rapid early damage detection using transmissibility with distance measure analysis under unknown excitation in long-term health monitoring.

48. Simulation of the spherical orientation probability distribution of paper fibers in an entire suspension using immersed boundary methods.

49. Numerical estimation of the effective electrical conductivity in carbon paper diffusion media

50. Remarks on a Paper by Ahmad, Ahmad and Ahmed.