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1. Mathematical modelling of a slow flameless combustion of a two-dimensional paper.

2. Monte Carlo simulation of the coffee-ring effect on porous papers.

3. Authenticity of elementary teacher designed and implemented mathematical modeling tasks.

4. Modelling and Simulation of Intelligent English Paper Generating Based on SSA-GA.

5. Overconsumption as a function of how individuals make choices: A paper in honor of Howard Rachlin's contributions to psychology.

6. Prediction Model of Bubble Formation in Oil-Paper Insulation Based on the ITBE Envelope.

7. A Novel Methanol-Based DP Estimation Method With a New Methanol Peak Detector Index for Aging Assessment of Power Transformer Insulation Paper.

8. Perspectives on Deriving Mathematical Models in Pulp and Paper Science.

9. Diffusion Mechanism of Furfural in Transformer Oil–Paper Insulation Under Moisture Effect.

10. Study on Space Charge Characteristics of Transformer Insulating Paper Under Different Working Conditions.

11. Analysis of Transformer Oil-Paper Insulation State Using Fractional Poynting–Thomson Model.

12. A BPNN Model-Based AdaBoost Algorithm for Estimating Inside Moisture of Oil–Paper Insulation of Power Transformer.

13. Fast transient response based on digital single-cycle charge regulation (SCCR) control.

14. Paper, Plaster, Strings: Exploratory Material Mathematical Models between the 1860s and 1930s.

15. Adult Pulmonary Intensive and Intermediate Care Units: The Italian Thoracic Society (ITS-AIPO) Position Paper.

16. Paper, Plaster, Strings: Exploratory Material Mathematical Models between the 1860s and 1930s.

17. An innovative multi-agency consultation model for harmful sexual behaviour displayed by children and young people: practice paper.

18. Synergic effect of recycled paper sludge and expanded perlite on the engineering properties of porous clay bricks: A new mathematical modelling approach.

19. On the comparison of inventory replenishment policies with time-varying stochastic demand for the paper industry.

20. The mathematical model of dissipation factor with temperature–frequency effect for oil-impregnated paper bushings.

21. Wastewater treatment in the pulp-and-paper industry: A review of treatment processes and the associated greenhouse gas emission.

22. Electrical conductivity of carbon-nanotube/cellulose composite paper.

23. Energy system diagnosis of paper-drying process, Part 2: A model-based estimation of energy-saving potentials.

24. Guidance to implementing evidence-based initiatives to manage pandemics in healthcare services: a discussion paper.

25. Design and simulation of PID controller of quadrotor aircraft control system.

26. Fourth and fifth-order Runge-Kutta methods for solving a susceptible-exposed-infected-recovered mathematical model of the spread of COVID-19.

27. (CMMSE2018 paper) Solving the random Pielou logistic equation with the random variable transformation technique: Theory and applications.

28. Nursing and spirituality: A discussion paper on intertwining metaparadigms.

29. About block-parallel Boolean networks: a position paper.

30. Artistic Innovation of Famous Paper-cutting Artist Wang Xiaying.

31. New Approaches to the Circle of Sense and Nonsense.

32. Factor Structure and Administration Measurement Invariance of the Beliefs Toward Mental Illness Scale in Latino College Samples: Paper–Pencil Versus Internet Administrations.

33. Characterization of spiraling patterns in spatial rock-paper-scissors games.

34. Heuristics, Community Change Concepts, and Health Policy: Coming to Know.

35. Subdirect Sums of $ GSD{D_1} $ matrices.

36. A Symmetric Fourth Party Logistics Routing Problem with Multiple Distributors in Uncertain Random Environments.

37. Numerical Solution for the Heat Conduction Model with a Fractional Derivative and Temperature-Dependent Parameters.

38. Using co‐design methods to develop new personalised support for people living with Long Covid: The 'LISTEN' intervention.

39. Solving the cumulative capacitated vehicle routing problem with drones.

40. Periodicity, stability, and synchronization of solutions of hybrid coupled dynamic equations with multiple delays.

41. Pesticide safety behaviours among agricultural workers and farmers: A cross‐sectional study.

42. Mathematical Logic Model for Analysing the Controllability of Mining Equipment.

43. Discrete Schr\"{o}dinger equations and systems with mixed and concave-convex nonlinearities.

44. Disturbance Observation and Suppression in an Airborne Electro-Optical Stabilized Platform Based on a Generalized High-Order Extended State Observer.

45. A Revisit to Sunk Cost Fallacy for Two-Stage Stochastic Binary Decision Making.

46. Retrospective review of the efficacy for sublingual ketamine in the treatment of chronic low back pain defined by a cause and central functional pain symptom focused clinical model.

47. Model-Predictive-Control-Based Centralized Disturbance Suppression Strategy for Distributed Drive Electric Vehicle.

48. Enactivist music therapy: Toward theoretical innovation and integration.

49. Dying a lonely death: A conceptual and normative analysis.

50. UK paediatric speech and language therapists' perceptions on the use of telehealth in current and future clinical practice: An application of the APEASE criteria.