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1. Analyzing the Performance of Transformer Oil-Paper Insulation with Aging Using Numerical Simulation Technique – A Review.

2. Pinecone-Inspired Humidity-Responsive Paper Actuators with Bilayer Structure.

3. Mechanical response of carbon paper gas diffusion layer under patterned compression.

4. Sintering simulations for ceramic multilayer laminates with paper-derived ceramics: From sintering dilatometry to anisotropic sintering simulation.

5. Research on Dynamic Response under the External Impact of Paper Honeycomb Sandwich Board.

6. Numerical and Experimental Study into Paper Compression Test.

7. Discussion on the paper by Schöftner, J., "A verified analytical sandwich beam model for soft and hard cores: comparison to existing analytical models and finite element calculations", Acta Mech, 234, 2543–2560 (2023).

8. Ultrathin Paper Microsupercapacitors for Electronic Skin Applications.

9. Interplay between structural scales and fracture process zone: experimental and numerical analysis on paper as a model material.

10. Toilet Paper Perforation Efficiency.

11. Using numerical homogenization to determine the representative volume element size of paper.

12. Optimization of the dimensional stability of paper‐based sandwich panels during the pressing process using design of experiments.

13. Study on shear performance of cold-formed thin-walled steel-paper straw board composite wall with openings.

14. The modulation of electrothermal distribution by square spiral kirigami structure in graphite paper.

15. The modulation of electrothermal distribution by square spiral kirigami structure in graphite paper.

16. Embossing Lines and Dots Geometry Effect on the Key Tissue Paper Properties with Finite Element Method Analysis.

17. Accuracy of hygro-expansive curl predictions for paper sheets based on homogenised 2D and 3D network representations.

18. FEM Analysis Validation of Rubber Hardness Impact on Mechanical and Softness Properties of Embossed Industrial Base Tissue Papers.

19. Embossing Pressure Effect on Mechanical and Softness Properties of Industrial Base Tissue Papers with Finite Element Method Validation.

20. Author's response to "Discussion on the paper by Schoeftner, J., "A verified analytical sandwich beam model for soft and hard cores: comparison to existing analytical models and finite element calculations", Acta Mech, 234, 2543–2560 (2023)" by Lorenzo Bardella

21. Folding behavior of thin-walled tubular deployable composite boom for space applications: Experiments and numerical simulation.

22. Understanding ac losses in CORC cables of YBCO superconducting tapes by numerical simulations.

23. A Modified Simulation Model for Predicting the FDS of Transformer Oil-Paper Insulation Under Nonuniform Aging.

24. Thermographical Analysis of Paper During Tensile Testing and Comparison to Digital Image Correlation.

25. Numerical simulation of mechanical properties of epiretinal membrane peeling.

26. Inversion Detection Method for Resistivity of Oil-Immersed Paper in Transformer.

27. Merging of TM-polarized bound states in the continuum in leaky-mode photonic lattices.

28. Dynamic model of tissue electroporation on the basis of biological dispersion and Joule heating.

29. Toward new scaling laws for wrinkling in biologically relevant fiber-reinforced bilayers.

30. Layer-by-layer acoustic travel time approximation using ray theory for total focusing method imaging in carbon fiber reinforced polymer.

31. Comparing Non-destructive Mechanical Testing Methods for the Assessment of Brittle Papers – The Cantilever, Hanging Pear Loop, and Clamped Fold Tests.

32. The role of the fiber and the bond in the hygroexpansion and curl of thin freely dried paper sheets.

33. Quantitative evaluations by infrared thermography in optically semi-transparent paper-based artefacts.

34. Predicting the surface elastic parameters of soft solids using multi-output decision tree regressor.

35. Effectiveness of various finite element analysis method for the dynamic cornering fatigue test of an automotive wheel.

36. Metal coated polymer and paper-based cantilever design and analysis for acoustic pressure sensing.

37. New Method for Evaluation of Radial Crush Strength of Paper Cores.

38. Screen printing of flexible piezoelectric based device on polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and paper for touch and force sensing applications.

39. Equivalent mechanical model of resin-coated aramid paper of Nomex honeycomb.

40. Analysis of nonlinear electric field of oil-paper insulation under non-sinusoidal voltage by the fixed-point harmonic-balanced decomposition FEM.

41. A magnetic-mechanical strong coupling FEM model and vibration characteristic analysis of transformer core under DC bias.

42. Modeling and ignition performance study of Al/Ni multilayer energy-containing microdevices.

43. Conforming finite element function spaces in four dimensions, part I: Foundational principles and the tesseract.

44. Predictive field-oriented control of three-phase permanent magnet linear synchronous actuators.

45. Simulation of coupled elasticity problem with pressure equation: hydroelastic equation.

46. Reliability-Based Topology Optimization Using the Virtual Element Method: An Integrated Framework.


48. A numerical investigation on the influence of full vs perimeter arrays on the mechanical reliability of electronic assemblies under vibration.

49. Finite element analysis of extended Fisher-Kolmogorov equation with Neumann boundary conditions.

50. Analysis of MW-Level Offshore Wind Turbine Generators with Dual Star–Delta Fractional-Slot Windings.