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1. Solute imbibition in paper strip: Pore-scale insights into the concentration-dependent permeability.

2. Monte Carlo simulation of the coffee-ring effect on porous papers.

3. Numerical simulation of heat pump drying system for paper exhaust hood.

4. Numerical Simulation and Calculation of Resistance of Laminated Paper-Impregnated Insulation of Power Cables.

5. Effect of multi‐factors on heterocharges for oil‐impregnated paper in converter transformer using modified charge transport model.

6. Energy Absorption Characteristics of Thin-walled Steel Tube Filled with Paper Scraps.

7. Folding behavior of thin-walled tubular deployable composite boom for space applications: Experiments and numerical simulation.

8. Understanding ac losses in CORC cables of YBCO superconducting tapes by numerical simulations.

9. Studying droplet adhesion to fibers using the magnetic field: a review paper.

12. Numerical simulation of mechanical properties of epiretinal membrane peeling.

13. Digitalisierung und informatisches Denken im naturwissenschaftlichen Unterricht der Unterstufe am Beispiel der Papierchromatographie.

14. Effect of temperature on space charge characteristics of oil-paper insulation and its numerical simulation.

15. Photonic band properties of the moiré Kagome lattice.

16. Comparing Non-destructive Mechanical Testing Methods for the Assessment of Brittle Papers – The Cantilever, Hanging Pear Loop, and Clamped Fold Tests.

17. Improvement with fuzzy PID control method control system for flexible exoskeleton.

18. Numerical simulation of the behavior of ball absorber in the spherical dish.

19. Simulating hydrothermal treatment of sludge within a pulp and paper mill.

20. Paper-supported thin-layer ion transfer voltammetry for ion detection.

21. Editor's Introduction: Best of Papers From the 17th International Conference on Cognitive Modeling.

22. Simulating the hygroexpansion of paper using a 3D beam network model and concurrent multiscale approach.

23. Response to the comment "Numerical simulation of steam condensation on the surface of a horizontal tube using the VOF method. A comment on the results from Li Shu and Yonglin Ju paper 'Numerical study on the Condensation Characteristics of Various Refrigerants Outside a Horizontal Plain tube at Low temperatures', International Journal of Thermal Sciences, 2022"

24. Numerical simulation of small-scale unignited hydrogen release.

25. Fixed-time bounded control of nonlinear systems without initial-state constraint.

26. Hopf bifurcation in a delayed prey–predator model with prey refuge involving fear effect.

27. Numerical analysis and simulation of European options under liquidity shocks: A coupled semilinear system approach with new IMEX methods.

28. Predefined-time sliding mode control based on exact time disturbance observer for second-order systems with matched and mismatched disturbances.

29. Modified fractional order social media addiction modeling and sliding mode control considering a professionally operating population.

30. A Possibilistic Formulation of Autonomous Search for Targets.

31. Generalized class of factor type exponential imputation techniques for population mean using simulation approach.

32. Steady-state solutions for a reaction–diffusion equation with Robin boundary conditions: Application to the control of dengue vectors.

33. Finite‐time stability of reaction–diffusion genetic regulatory networks with nondifferential time‐varying mixed delays.

34. Effects of the Design of Pressure Vessels on Performance and Hydrodynamic Parameters in Two-Pass Seawater Reverse Osmosis Systems.

35. Disturbance Observation and Suppression in an Airborne Electro-Optical Stabilized Platform Based on a Generalized High-Order Extended State Observer.

36. Coalitional Double Auction For Ridesharing With Desired Benefit And QoE Constraints.

37. Boundary control of an axially moving hybrid system of elasticity with mass-rotary rollers.

38. Tracking control for a class of uncertain complex dynamical networks with outgoing links dynamics.

39. Cross-Convolution Approach for Delay Estimation in Fractional-Order Time-Delay Systems.

40. The Ghost in the Machine: Metaphors of the 'Virtual' and the 'Artificial' in Post-WW2 Computer Science.

41. Flow in a Paper-based Bioactive Channel - Study on Electrochemical Detection of Glucose and Uric Acid.

42. Analysis of Recovery Voltage Parameters of Paper-Oil Insulation Obtained from Simulation Investigations Using the Cole-Cole Model.

44. Oscillatory dynamics in rock–paper–scissors games with mutations

45. Periodic dynamics of a single species model with seasonal Michaelis-Menten type harvesting, II: Existence of two periodic solutions.

46. Force analysis of the planetary-type mechanisms of the enhanced vibration exciters.

47. Numerical Simulation of Time-Varying Characteristics in a High-Permeability Sandstone Reservoir: A Case of Gaoqian Southern Area.

48. Dynamic analysis and bifurcation control of a delayed fractional-order eco-epidemiological migratory bird model with fear effect.

49. Solving Rician Data Analysis Problems: Theory and Numerical Modeling Using Computer Algebra Methods in Wolfram Mathematica.

50. Stability Analysis of a Shield Tunnel in Unsaturated Soil Considering the Soil Arch Effect.