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1. An analysis of retracted papers in Computer Science.

2. Preface of the Special Issue Dedicated to Selected Papers from IWOCA 2022.

3. A genre-based analysis of questions and comments in Q&A sessions after conference paper presentations in computer science.

4. A review paper on context: Awareness system of mobile computing.

5. Classification of Paper Values Based on Citation Rank and PageRank.

6. Reference publication year spectroscopy (RPYS) of computer science papers from Eastern Europe.

7. Impact of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the insurance industry: A bibliometric analysis 2000-2022.

8. Differences between journal and conference in computer science: a bibliometric view based on Bayesian network.

9. Measuring Research Contributions of Prof. Anurag Kumar: A Scientometric Analysis.

10. Approximations for Throughput Maximization.

11. The Ghost in the Machine: Metaphors of the 'Virtual' and the 'Artificial' in Post-WW2 Computer Science.

12. Maximum Matching Sans Maximal Matching: A New Approach for Finding Maximum Matchings in the Data Stream Model.

13. Mapping the Literature on Artificial Intelligence in Academic Libraries: A Bibliometrics Approach.

14. How much can ChatGPT really help computational biologists in programming?

15. Virtual reality application on mental health: A review on functionality.

17. The Carbon Footprint of Conference Papers.

18. Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Knowledge-Infused Text Classification.

19. Approximate Sampling of Graphs with Near-P-Stable Degree Intervals.

20. Review of the grey wolf optimization algorithm: variants and applications.

21. Editorial of Applied Geometric Algebras in Computer Science and Engineering (AGACSE 21).

22. Digital Twins in Human-Computer Interaction: A Systematic Review.

23. South African research contributions to Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1973-2022.

24. The evaluation of abstractive text summarization using deep learning.

25. A review on evolution, application and future of cloud computing.

26. Guest editorial for the special section on SEFM 2020 and 2021.

27. Software reengineering: Effects on software reliability and stability: Review.

28. PSRMTE: Paper submission recommendation using mixtures of transformer.

29. Paper-based vs. AI computer-based test results.

30. 'Notice the Similarities between the Two Sets . . .': Imperative Usage in a Corpus of Upper-Level Student Papers.

31. Transferring experiences in k-nearest neighbors based multiagent reinforcement learning: an application to traffic signal control.

32. An Approach to Distributed Systems from Orderings and Representability.

33. Coding choreography: Understanding student responses to representational incompatibilities between dance and programming.

34. A lower bound on the third-order nonlinearity of the simplest [formula omitted] bent functions.

35. Emerging opportunities of using large language models for translation between drug molecules and indications.

36. REFORMS: Consensus-based Recommendations for Machine-learning-based Science.

37. A History of Artificial Intelligence.

38. Interpolation Once Binary Search over a Sorted List.

39. Using Euler's Formula to Find the Lower Bound of the Page Number.

40. Programmatic Strategies to Engage and Support Undergraduate Women in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.

41. A Comprehensive Review of Behavior Change Techniques in Wearables and IoT: Implications for Health and Well-Being.

42. A Bibliometric Review of the Ordered Weighted Averaging Operator.

43. Enhancing block cipher security with key-dependent random XOR tables generated via hadamard matrices and Sudoku game.

44. A survey on IoT trust model frameworks.

45. Multi-Dimensional Data Analysis Platform (MuDAP): A Cognitive Science Data Toolbox.

46. Real time pedestrian and objects detection using enhanced YOLO integrated with learning complexity-aware cascades.


48. Automatic image-based detection and inspection of paper fibres for grasping.

49. MOPRD: A multidisciplinary open peer review dataset.

50. Meta-heuristics for portfolio optimization.