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2. Paper-Based Robotics with Stackable Pneumatic Actuators

3. Soil phosphorus fractionation after co-applying biochar and paper mill biosolids

4. Management of Incidental Thyroid Nodules on Chest CT: Using Natural Language Processing to Assess White Paper Adherence and Track Patient Outcomes

5. Web-based and paper-based examinations: Lessons learnt during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown

6. An ESPGHAN Position Paper on the Use of Breath Testing in Paediatric Gastroenterology

7. Rapid repurposing of pulp and paper mills, biorefineries, and breweries for lignocellulosic sugar production in global food catastrophes

8. Co-application of wood biochar and paper mill biosolids affects yield and short-term nitrogen and phosphorus availability in temperate loamy soils

9. Changes in soil pH and nutrient extractability after co-applying biochar and paper mill biosolids

10. Pulp and paper industry in energy transition: Towards energy-efficient and low carbon operation in Finland and Sweden

11. In-situ joule heating-triggered nanopores generation in laser-induced graphene papers for capacitive enhancement

12. How Different Carryover Pitch Extractive Components are Affecting Kraft Paper Strength

13. The ideal effect of Gabor filters and Uniform Local Binary Pattern combinations on deformed scanned paper images

14. Paper-based microfluidics for food safety and quality analysis

15. Mechanical and Dynamic Mechanical Analysis of PBO Paper-based Composites

16. Under the spotlight: A new tool (artificial light radiation) to bleach paper documents

17. Energy efficiency challenges in pulp and paper manufacturing: A tutorial review

18. Preparation and application of water-based nano-silver conductive ink in paper-based 3D printing

19. Importance of public‐private partnerships for nutrition support research: An ASPEN Position Paper

20. Migrant workers occupational health research: an OMEGA-NET working group position paper