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1. A method to determine arsenic concentration in drinking water based on proton gradient and conductance measurements in filter paper media.

2. "It Looks Good on Paper, But It Was Never Meant to Be Real": Mixed-Gender Events in the Paralympic Movement.

3. Molecular simulation of different types of polysilsesquioxane doped cellulose insulating paper: A guide for special cellulose insulating paper.

4. Identification of Low Concentrations of Flucytosine Drug Using a Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS)-Active Filter Paper Substrate.

5. Efficient preparation and characterization of carbon fiber paper using phenolic resin in-pulp addition method.

6. Utilizing de‐inked paper sludge for sustainable production of medium‐density fiberboard: A comprehensive study.

7. Soil–Water Retention Curve Determination for Sands Using the Filter Paper Method.

8. Recycled toilet paper sensitizers, a novel source of contamination in rivers.

9. Synthesis of Water-Dispersible Poly(dimethylsiloxane) and Its Potential Application in the Paper Coating Industry as an Alternative for PFAS-Coated Paper and Single-Use Plastics.

10. Production of recycled paper using harmless municipal sludge as a new biomass filler.

11. Phosphate Esters: New Coating Materials for a Sustainable Release Paper.

12. Preparation of Filter Paper from Bamboo and Investigating the Effect of Additives.

13. Correction factors for large-scale greenhouse gas assessment from pulp and paper mill sludge landfill sites.

14. Cometabolic bacterial and fungal remediation as a promising strategy for recycled paper and cardboard mill wastewater treatment.

15. Oil blotting paper for formalin fixation increases endoscopic ultrasound‐guided tissue acquisition‐collected sample volumes on glass slides.

16. Cooling of Rubber Embossing Cylinder for Tissue Paper.

17. Sesuvium portulacastrum mitigates salinity induced by irrigation with paper and pulp mill effluent.

18. Kinetic Assessment of Kraft and Thermally Upgraded Kraft Papers Aged in Five Alternative Dielectric Fluids.

19. Pilot-scale natural carbonation of waste paper fly ash for stabilization of Ba and Pb.

20. Chitosan-adhered graphene/nano iron tetroxide carbon paper electrode for the detection of hexavalent chromium.

21. Used tissue paper as a 3D substrate for non-enzyme glucose sensors.

22. Influence of Ethically-Minded Consumer Behavior, Digital Citizenship, and Retailers' Green Positioning on the Effectiveness of Store Flyer Sales Promotions (Paper vs. Digital).

23. Preparation of PBT@PP-CNC@cellulose wood pulp paper double-layers fuel filtration materials with high efficiency and high dust holding capacity.

24. Differential and Functional Response Time Item Analysis: An Application to Understanding Paper versus Digital Reading Processes.

25. Women Who Break the Glass Ceiling Get a "Paper Cut": Gender, Fame, and Media Sentiment.

26. Monitoring of Cleaning Treatments for Paper Heritage with Raman Spectroscopy Mapping.

27. Effects of precipitated and ground calcium carbonate coating on mechanical properties of fluting paper.

28. Promoted Catalytic Activity of CoSx@MoSx/MoOx Supported on Carbon Papers for Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution Reaction.

29. Fabrication of negative magnetostrictive Japanese traditional paper (washi) with cobalt ferrite particles.

30. Effect of concentration of water-soluble phenolic resin on the properties of carbon paper for gas diffusion layer.

31. Optimal fabrication of carbon paper by different lengths of chopped carbon fibers and its enhanced performance in proton exchange membrane fuel cell.

32. Advanced boron-doped carbon papers with excellent electrical conductivity and low graphitization temperature for PEM fuel cells.

33. Heat-Annealed Zinc Oxide on Flexible Carbon Nanotube Paper and Exposed to Gradient Light to Enhance Its Photoelectric Response.

34. Size Press Practices and Formulations Affecting Paper Properties and Process Efficiency: A Review.

35. Valorization of waste paper sludge as a sustainable source for packaging applications.

36. Interplay of electrokinetic effects in nonpolar solvents for electronic paper displays.


38. Facile Strategy for Boosting of Inorganic Fillers Retention in Paper.


40. Establishment of a measurement system to evaluate breast milk transfer of biological agents using dry filter paper: A multi‐institutional study.

41. Streptomyces spp. as biocatalyst sources in pulp and paper and textile industries: Biodegradation, bioconversion and valorization of waste.

42. A deep learning-based approach for performance assessment and prediction: A case study of pulp and paper industries.

43. Nanoparticle-enhanced laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for serum element analysis using an Ag NP-coated filter paper substrate.

44. Effect of fine fibers on secondary fibers and recycled paper.

45. Effect of a Nanocellulose Addition on the Mechanical Properties of Paper.

46. Flame Spread Behavior Over a Filter Paper Near Extinction Limit Under Microgravity on the ISS/Kibo.

47. Effect of Polyhydroxybutyrate and Ethyl Cellulose for Barrier Coating of Kraft Paper.

48. Polyhydroxyalkanoate Production from Food Packaging Waste Paper.

49. A corpus-based bibliometric study of highly cited papers in sport sciences.

50. Erythrosine–Dialdehyde Cellulose Nanocrystal Coatings for Antibacterial Paper Packaging.