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1. Effect of Carbon Fiber Paper with Thickness Gradient on Electromagnetic Shielding Performance of X-Band.

2. Preparation of Filter Paper from Bamboo and Investigating the Effect of Additives.

3. Oil blotting paper for formalin fixation increases endoscopic ultrasound‐guided tissue acquisition‐collected sample volumes on glass slides.

4. Interplay of electrokinetic effects in nonpolar solvents for electronic paper displays.

5. Pilot-scale natural carbonation of waste paper fly ash for stabilization of Ba and Pb.

6. Kinetic Assessment of Kraft and Thermally Upgraded Kraft Papers Aged in Five Alternative Dielectric Fluids.

7. Soil–Water Retention Curve Determination for Sands Using the Filter Paper Method.

8. Heat-Annealed Zinc Oxide on Flexible Carbon Nanotube Paper and Exposed to Gradient Light to Enhance Its Photoelectric Response.

9. Synthesis of Water-Dispersible Poly(dimethylsiloxane) and Its Potential Application in the Paper Coating Industry as an Alternative for PFAS-Coated Paper and Single-Use Plastics.


11. Preparation of PBT@PP-CNC@cellulose wood pulp paper double-layers fuel filtration materials with high efficiency and high dust holding capacity.

12. Production of alkaline protease by Aspergillus niger in a new combinational paper waste culture medium.

13. Monitoring of Cleaning Treatments for Paper Heritage with Raman Spectroscopy Mapping.

14. Promoted Catalytic Activity of CoSx@MoSx/MoOx Supported on Carbon Papers for Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution Reaction.

15. Stretchable and Flexible Painted Thermoelectric Generators on Japanese Paper Using Inks Dispersed with P- and N-Type Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes.

16. Effect of concentration of water-soluble phenolic resin on the properties of carbon paper for gas diffusion layer.

17. Continuous Biopotential Monitoring via Carbon Nanotubes Paper Composites (CPC) for Sustainable Health Analysis.

18. Versatile Application of TiO 2 @PDA Modified Filter Paper for Oily Wastewater Treatment.

19. Waste-Wood-Isolated Cellulose-Based Activated Carbon Paper Electrodes with Graphene Nanoplatelets for Flexible Supercapacitors.


21. Study and characterization of paper bookbindings from 16 to 18th stored in the Marciana National Library (Venice).

22. Edible Paper Sheets from Alternanthera philoxeroides and Hypophthalmichthys molitrix : Smart Biomass Valorization.

23. Size Press Practices and Formulations Affecting Paper Properties and Process Efficiency: A Review.

24. Energy benchmark and energy saving potential in the pulp and paper industry.

25. Establishment of a measurement system to evaluate breast milk transfer of biological agents using dry filter paper: A multi‐institutional study.

26. A deep learning-based approach for performance assessment and prediction: A case study of pulp and paper industries.

27. Facile Strategy for Boosting of Inorganic Fillers Retention in Paper.

28. Addition of fibers derived from paper mill sludge in paper coatings: impact on microstructure, surface and optical properties.

29. A corpus-based bibliometric study of highly cited papers in sport sciences.

30. Effect of Polyhydroxybutyrate and Ethyl Cellulose for Barrier Coating of Kraft Paper.

31. Polyhydroxyalkanoate Production from Food Packaging Waste Paper.

32. Effect of a Nanocellulose Addition on the Mechanical Properties of Paper.

33. The Use of Various Types of Waste Paper for the Removal of Anionic and Cationic Dyes from Aqueous Solutions.

34. A Waterproof Flexible Paper-Based Thermoelectric Generator for Humidity and Underwater Environments.

35. Reduction of Fines in Recycled Paper White Water via Cellulase Enzymes.

36. Efficient simultaneous determination of baicalein and luteolin based on a carbon fiber paper electrode modified with CuO/ZnO-CCNT ternary nanocomposite.

37. Erythrosine–Dialdehyde Cellulose Nanocrystal Coatings for Antibacterial Paper Packaging.

38. Improving the Physical and Mechanical Properties of Mycelium-Based Green Composites Using Paper Waste.

39. Unveiling Neurocognitive Disparities in Encoding and Retrieval between Paper and Digital Tablet-Based Learning.

40. Potential Use of Nanofibrillated Cellulose-loaded Cationic Starch Solutions as Coating Formulation for Recycled Fluting Papers.

41. Method for lysis and paper-based elution-free DNA extraction with colourimetric isothermal amplification.

42. O-Phthalaldehyde Derivatization for the Paper-Based Fluorometric Determination of Glutathione in Nutritional Supplements.

43. Aging Characterization of Modified Insulating Paper Based on the Transmission Characteristics of Microstrip Resonant Sensors.

44. NIR spectroscopy in conjunction with multivariate analysis for non-destructive characterization of Xuan paper.

45. Determination of Sulfites in Dried Fruits by Paper Spray Ionization Tandem Mass Spectrometry.

46. Web-based diagnostic platform for microorganism-induced deterioration on paper-based cultural relics with iterative training from human feedback.

47. Manganese oxide@nanocellulose modified poster paper-based electrode as a novel electrochemical sensor for sensitive determination of paraquat.

48. Research Progress and Prospect of Condition Assessment Techniques for Oil–Paper Insulation Used in Power Systems: A Review.

49. Preparation of a High-Performance Asymmetric Supercapacitor by Recycling Aluminum Paper and Filter Components of Heated Tobacco.

50. Non-solvent displacement nonaqueous precipitation fabrication of novel foldable HAp ceramic paper without fiber and its performance.