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1. Librarians Working with Chronic Conditions During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic.

2. The anatomy of COVID mortality in Russia's regions, 2020–22.

3. Exploring the Psychosocial Impacts on COVID-19 Survivors: A Qualitative Study of Life after COVID-19 Diagnosis and Quarantine in South Korea.

4. Rethinking Queer (Asian) Studies: Geopolitics, Covid-19, and Post-Covid Queer Theories and Mobilities.

5. Continuity and discontinuity of rituals: Covid-19 pandemic in Southern Africa.

6. Covid-19 infection as ritual process in Venda, South Africa.

7. Bubbles, fortresses and rings of steel: risk and socio-spatialities in Australians' accounts of border controls during the COVID-19 pandemic.

8. Vacillating vaccines: responses to Covid-19 in the United States and South Africa.

9. Dissolution of transactional sex relationships during COVID-19: a qualitative study of Ugandan men's experiences during COVID-19 lockdowns.

10. Fatigue and somatic symptom burden among U.S. adults with current, previous, or no history of long COVID.

11. Prevalence and characteristics in long COVID among adults with asthma in the United States.

12. Detecting fake news during COVID-19 in Indonesia: the role of trust level.

13. 'We were having a rather long conversation about the uproar': memorable messages about COVID-19 vaccinations in a mostly young, white sample.

14. Psychosocial consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on professional resilience and self-care on nurses: an example of Ankara.

15. Memory alterations after COVID-19 infection: a systematic review.

16. Loyalty and Motivations in Coastal Cities in the post-Covid- 19 Era: A Study in Lima, Peru.

17. Emotional functioning in long COVID: Comparison to post-concussion syndrome using the Personality Assessment Inventory.

18. Of vaccines, biopower, subjects and governmentality: an ethnographic enquiry into the Zimbabwean Covid-19 vaccination drive.

19. Long-Term effects of COVID-19: a review of current perspectives and mechanistic insights.

20. Nonvariceal upper gastrointestinal bleeding in COVID-19 patients: insights from the National Inpatient Sample.

21. To reappraise or not to reappraise? Emotion regulation strategies moderate the association of loneliness during COVID-19 with depression and anxiety.

22. Holes at the Bottom of the Boat: Disrupting Performative Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Efforts in Libraries in the Wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

23. Time, Tasks, and Toll: Changes in Library Work During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

24. Kidney damage associated with COVID-19: from the acute to the chronic phase.

25. Novel COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy and acceptance, and associated factors, amongst medical students: a scoping review.

26. Exploring the perceptions and lived experiences of family members living with people diagnosed with COVID-19 in South Africa: a descriptive phenomenological study.

27. 'Dance with shackles on': Navigating critical thinking in English language classrooms during COVID-19 and beyond.

28. Mental health of LGBTQ+ people during the COVID-19 pandemic: a scoping review.

29. Ordering COVID-19 vaccines for social welfare with information updating: Optimal dynamic order policies and vaccine selection in the digital age.

30. Pooling of samples to optimise SARS-CoV-2 detection in nasopharyngeal swabs and gargle lavage self-samples for covid-19 diagnostics and surveillance.

31. Policy-taking styles: a typology and an empirical application to anti-Covid policies.

32. Health profession students' outlooks on the medical profession during the COVID-19 pandemic: a global perspective.

33. Parents/primary caregivers' perspectives on the well-being, and home-based learning of children with neurodevelopmental disorders during COVID-19 in Bangladesh.

34. COVID-19 pandemic and the psyche, bruxism, temporomandibular disorders triangle.

35. Female farmers’ struggles and responses to COVID-19 in Ghana.

36. The impact of protection motivation on restaurant consumer purchase intention after the COVID-19 pandemic.

37. University Students with Current Suicidal Ideation and Perceived Changes during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Qualitative Study.

38. Housing and mental health inequalities during COVID-19: the role of income and housing support measures.

39. Agency, Temporalities, and the Mediation of COVID within Global Production Networks.

40. Teacher identity and pedagogy: strategies and responses of teacher educators during the covid-19 pandemic.

41. Navigating online Practice Teaching (PT) amidst the COVID-19 pandemic: exploring pre-service teachers' experiences in Pakistan.

42. COVID 19 and regional entrepreneurship: which regional features can mitigate the devastating effects of COVID-19?

43. From acting as a crutch to activating as a catalyst: a spectrum of responses from Irish adults regarding religious education and faith development in COVID times.

44. Illusions of online readiness: the counter-intuitive impact of rapid immersion in digital learning due to COVID-19.

45. The way teacher roles preferred by science teachers reflect on the lessons they teach in terms of their discourse: COVID-19 vaccine.

46. Covering a health crisis as a military crisis? The Israeli media coverage of the first COVID-19 wave crisis.

47. Relationship impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown restrictions on young women and men in Durban and Soweto, South Africa.

48. The COVID-19 pandemic and youth in recent, historical perspective: more pressure, more precarity.

49. 'It's Time to Make Your Way Home': Implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic for Multicultural Policies in Australia.

50. The Health and Social Implications of Racism During Covid-19: Insights from Melbourne's Multicultural Communities.


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