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1. COVID-19 vaccination intention and vaccine hesitancy among citizens of the Métis Nation of Ontario.

2. Factors affecting hesitancy toward COVID-19 vaccine booster doses in Canada: a cross-national survey.

3. Factors associated with COVID-19 vaccination in young children.

4. Community perspectives on COVID-19 outbreak and public health: Inuit positive protective pathways and lessons for Indigenous public health theory.

5. Mental health of Canadian youth: A systematic review and meta-analysis of studies examining changes in depression, anxiety, and suicide-related outcomes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

6. Responding to and managing multijurisdictional outbreaks of COVID-19 in Canadian industrial worksite/work camp settings.

7. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on social determinants of health, mental health, and substance use among key populations affected by sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections in Canada.

8. Synthesis of Hybrid Data Consisting of Chest Radiographs and Tabular Clinical Records Using Dual Generative Models for COVID-19 Positive Cases.

9. "I'm still not over feeling so isolated": Métis women, Two-Spirit, and gender-diverse people's experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

10. Excess risk of COVID-19 infection and mental distress in healthcare workers during successive pandemic waves: Analysis of matched cohorts of healthcare workers and community referents in Alberta, Canada.

11. Inequality in COVID-19 mortality in Quebec associated with neighbourhood-level vulnerability domains.

13. Profiles of objective and subjective cognitive function in Post-COVID Syndrome, COVID-19 recovered, and COVID-19 naïve individuals.

14. Factors associated with change in moderate or severe symptoms of anxiety and depression in community-living adults and older adults during the COVID-19 pandemic.

15. Political partisanship, laissez-faire attitudes, and COVID-19 behaviours and viewpoints in Canada and the United States.

16. British Columbia's COVID-19 surveys on population experiences, action, and knowledge (SPEAK): methods and key findings from two large cross-sectional online surveys.

17. Impact of COVID-19 Treatment on Real-World Outcomes in Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

18. Mental Health Treatment Use, Perceived Treatment Need, and Reasons for Non-Use Among U.S. Adults with Serious Suicidal Thoughts During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

19. Effect of methotrexate hold on COVID-19 vaccine response in the patients with autoimmune inflammatory disorders: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

20. COVID-19 stress, Facebook use intensity and coping strategies of Filipino students: an analysis of data collected during a pandemic.

21. Response to COVID-19 vaccination imaged by PD-L1 PET scanning.

22. Evaluation of the relationship of treatment and vaccination with prognosis in patients with a diagnosis of COVID-19.

23. BO–SHAP–BLS: a novel machine learning framework for accurate forecasting of COVID-19 testing capabilities.

24. Open airway surgery for post-COVID laryngotracheal stenosis.

25. Individuelle und arbeitsbezogene Herausforderungen der Pflegekräfte in stationären Pflegeeinrichtungen während der COVID-19-Pandemie in Deutschland.

26. COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy among young adults in Canada.

27. Vaccination homophily in ego contact networks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

28. Patient care and access to clinical trials in gynaecological oncology: global implications of the early phase of the COVID-19 pandemic.

29. The Effect of Antihyperglycemic Medications on COVID-19: A Meta-analysis and Systematic Review from Observational Studies.

30. Spread patterns of COVID-19 in European countries: hybrid deep learning model for prediction and transmission analysis.

31. A longitudinal qualitative study on physician experience in managing multimorbidity across the COVID-19 pandemic in Odisha, India.

32. The Increased Alcohol and Marijuana Use Associated with the Quality of Life and Psychosocial Aspects: a Study During the Covid-19 Pandemic in a Brazilian University Community.

33. Stuck Between the Great Powers: Secondary Countries' Responses to Soft Power Competition Between the US and China During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

34. Optical biosensors for diagnosis of COVID-19: nanomaterial-enabled particle strategies for post pandemic era.

35. The consecutive impact of COVID-19 on thoracic surgical procedures in Japan: an analysis of data from the National Clinical Database.

36. Systematic Search and Scoping Review of Physicians' Intolerance of Uncertainty and Medical Decision-Making Uncertainties During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Summary of the Literature and Directions for Future Research.

37. Impact of prior antihypertensive treatment on COVID-19 outcomes, by active ingredient.

38. Outcome predictors of post-COVID conditions in the European Academy of Neurology COVID-19 registry.

39. Children aged 0–14 years had a far lower mortality risk during the entire COVID-19 pandemic in four major industrial countries: an observational study.

40. Disseminated intravascular coagulation is associated with poor prognosis in patients with COVID-19.

41. Evaluation of MSCT severity scoring for prediction of mortality among patients with COVID-19.

42. Diagnostic reliability of chest CT qualitative and quantitative assessment to predict survival and morbidity in oncology patients with COVID-19 infection.

43. The association of COVID-19 pandemic with the increase of sinogenic and otogenic intracranial infections in children: a 10-year retrospective comparative single-center study.

44. Obese-friends club: a gamified virtual quasi-experiment for obesity control in adolescents during the COVID-19 pandemic.

45. Comparison of BMI and HbA1c changes before and during the COVID-19 pandemic in type 1 diabetes: a longitudinal population-based study.

46. Ischemic stroke and COVID-19 infection — a review of clinical case reports.

47. The Silver Lining of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Undergraduate Research Experiences, Mentorship, and Posttraumatic Growth.

48. Consumption of psychotropic drugs in Croatia before and during the COVID-19 pandemic: a 10-year longitudinal study (2012–2021).

49. Spatio-temporal clustering analysis using generalized lasso with an application to reveal the spread of Covid-19 cases in Japan.

50. Psychological distress, vaccine, and booster acceptance in women considering or undergoing fertility treatments during the Omicron surge of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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