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2. Achieving surface hydrophobic and moisture-proof properties of ancient-book paper by in-situ protection of epoxy-based POSS/PVDF composite coating.

3. Degradation of paper products due to volatile organic compounds.

5. Faculty members' use of artificial intelligence to grade student papers: a case of implications.

7. The Impact of Waste Paper Recycling on the Carbon Emissions from China's Paper Industry.

8. Development and Characterization of Chitosan and Beeswax–Chitosan Coated Biodegradable Corn Husk and Sugarcane Bagasse-Based Cellulose Paper.

11. Personalized paper recommendation for postgraduates using multi-semantic path fusion.

12. Dual-signal readout paper-based wearable biosensor with a 3D origami structure for multiplexed analyte detection in sweat.

13. Functional Materials from Paper Wastes: II–Cellulose Hydrogels with High Water Retention Capacity Obtained from Solutions of Waste Paper in DMAc/LiCl.

14. Cellulase activity of a novel bacterial strain Arthrobacter woluwensis TDS9: its application on bioconversion of paper mill sludge.

15. Peroxidase-Like Activity of Silver Nanoparticles Loaded Filter Paper and its Potential Application for Sensing.

17. Fully paper-integrated hydrophobic and air permeable piezoresistive sensors for high-humidity and underwater wearable motion monitoring.

18. Study on Preparation and Aging Properties of Superhydrophobic Paper Mulch.

19. Properties of Concrete and Structural Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Beam Containing Shredded Waste Paper as An Additive.

20. A multidimensional approach to older patients during COVID-19 pandemic: a position paper of the Special Interest Group on Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment of the European Geriatric Medicine Society (EuGMS).