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1. Promoted Catalytic Activity of CoSx@MoSx/MoOx Supported on Carbon Papers for Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution Reaction.

2. Pd@CoFe Alloys on N-Doped Carbon Derived from Charred Tissue Paper as Synergistic Bifunctional Oxygen Electrocatalysts.

3. The Comparison of PCR Kits for the Detection of Erythrocytic Parasites on Filter Paper.

4. Novel mechanical vapor recompression‐assisted evaporation process for improving energy efficiency in pulp and paper industry.

5. A Review Paper about Deep Learning for Medical Image Analysis.

6. A paper‐based self‐pumping microfluidic fuel cell stack with a novel vertical structure.

7. Modelling and Simulation of Intelligent English Paper Generating Based on SSA-GA.

8. Feature Extraction Technology-Guided Visual Communication Design for Folk Paper-Cutting.

9. Development of novel paper‐based colorimetric indicator labels for monitoring shelf life of chicken breast fillets.

10. Techno‐economic analysis and a novel assessment technique of paper mill sludge conversion to bioethanol toward sustainable energy production.

11. Direct electrodeposition of Ni‐Co‐S on carbon paper as an efficient cathode for anion exchange membrane water electrolysers.

12. Paper‐based flexible membraneless fuel cells using vitamins as both anodic catalyst and fuel.

13. Preparation and application of an olfactory visualization freshness sensor array based on microfluid paper‐based chip.

14. A Study of Intelligent Paper Grouping Model for Adult Higher Education Based on Random Matrix.

15. Evaluation of Logistics Efficiency of Paper Skin Walnuts in Northwest China Based on DEA-Malmquist.

16. A hollow structure for flow and bendable paper‐based zinc‐air battery.

17. Central Composite Design of Spraying Process to Laminate the Paper Substrates with Cellulose Nanofibers (CNF) as Green Packaging Wrap.

18. Carbon paper decorated with tin dioxide particle via in situ electrodeposition as bifunctional electrode for vanadium redox flow battery.

19. SERS Platform Based on Bimetallic Au-Ag Nanowires-Decorated Filter Paper for Rapid Detection of miR-196ain Lung Cancer Patients Serum.

20. Application of artificial intelligence to maximize methane production from waste paper.

21. In situ chemo‐polymerized polypyrrole‐coated filter paper for high‐efficient solar vapor generation.

22. An Integrated Slacks-Based Measure of Super-Efficiency with Input Saving and Output Surplus Scaling Factors and its Application in Paper Chemical Mills.

23. A Machine Learning Model to Predict Citation Counts of Scientific Papers in Otology Field.

24. Management of moderate‐to‐severe plaque psoriasis with biologics: A treat‐to‐target position paper.

25. Multisensor and Multitarget Tracking Based on Generalized Covariance Intersection Rule.

26. A Novel Acoustic Uroflowmetry-Based Mobile App Voiding Diary: Comparison with Conventional Paper-Based Voiding Diary.

27. Keywords-Driven Paper Recommendation Based on Mobile Edge Computing Environment Framework.

28. Improvement Study on Blood Test Investigation by Nanoparticle-Coated Colour-Coded Sample Paper.

29. Visualization Display System of Gannan Hakka Paper-Cut Works Based on Computer Graphics Algorithm.

30. Metal‐free Al‐air microfluidic paper fuel cell to power portable electronic devices.

31. Field Determination of Phosphate in Environmental Water by Using a Hand-Powered Paper Centrifuge for Preconcentration and Digital Image Colorimetric Sensing.

32. Effect of matrix content on the performance of carbon paper as an electrode for PEMFC.

33. Research on the Pollutant Emission Reduction Strategy and Simulation of Paper-Making Enterprises under the Reward and Punishment Mechanism.

34. Carbon Dot Functionalized Papers for the Selective Detection of 2,4,6-Trinitrophenol in Aqueous Solutions.

35. Performance optimization of microfluidic paper fuel‐cell with varying cellulose fiber papers as absorbent pad.

36. Application of microfluidic paper‐based analytical device (μPAD) to detect COVID‐19 in energy deprived countries.

37. Ink Animation VR Design Based on Wireless Sensor and HTML5 Interactive Technology.

38. The Top 100 Cited Papers in the Field of Iron Deficiency in Humans: A Bibliometric Study.

39. Implementation of a renal pharmacist consultant service — Information sharing in paper versus digital form.

40. Kinematic Analysis of a Novel System for Paper Rewinding Machines.

41. Correction of Chinese Dance Training Movements Based on Digital Feature Recognition Technology.

42. Trends in high‐impact papers in nursing research published from 2008 to 2018: A web of science‐based bibliometric analysis.

43. Acrylate/Nanofibrillated Cellulose Nanocomposites and Their Use for Paper Coating.

44. Effect of Environmental Stressors on the Distribution and Abundance of Macroinvertebrates in Upper Awash River at Chilimo Forest, West Shewa, Ethiopia.

45. Development of Paper Biosensor for the Detection of Phenol from Industrial Effluents Using Bioconjugate of Tyr-AuNps Mediated by Novel Isolate Streptomyces tuirus DBZ39.

46. Development of a Transparent Coating to Enhance Self-Cleaning Capability and Strength in Conventional Paper.

47. Virtual Reality Technology in Visual Design of Artistic Images: Analysis and Applications.

48. Evaluation of the Potential Use of Levan Polysaccharide in Paper Conservation.

49. Chemosensing Test Paper Based on Aggregated Nanoparticles of a Barbituric Acid Derivative.

50. Effects of Paper Mulberry (Broussonetia papyrifera) Leaf Extract on Growth Performance and Fecal Microflora of Weaned Piglets.