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1. Effectiveness and safety of Sanhan Huashi granules versus nirmatrelvir-ritonavir in adult patients with COVID-19: A randomized, open-label, multicenter trial.

2. COVID-19 booster vaccine uptake and reduced risks for long-COVID: A cross-sectional study of a U.S. adult population.

3. Risk of COVID-19 in pediatric population and the effects of COVID-19 vaccination: A retrospective cohort study.

4. CovMediScanX: A medical imaging solution for COVID-19 diagnosis from chest X-ray images.

5. Post-COVID Analysis of Which U.S. Medical Schools Produce the Most Neurosurgery Residents: 2021–2023 in Review.

6. A systematic review of quantitative EEG findings in Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Long COVID.

7. Prevalence of long COVID in the general adult population according to different definitions and sociodemographic and infection characteristics. A nationwide random sampling survey in France in autumn 2022.

8. Population-based denominators matter: Bias in U.S. Virgin Islands COVID-19 vaccination coverage under changing population counts.

9. Older adults' mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic: The association with social networks.

10. The correlation between conspiracy mentality and vaccine intentions is moderated by social events: Evidence from longitudinal data during COVID-19 pandemic in the UK.

11. Cross-sectional surveillance study of long COVID in Toyonaka city, Osaka prefecture, Japan.

12. The impact mechanism and breakthrough path of COVID-19 on enterprise financial distress: Evidence from China.

13. Osteonecrosis risk after steroids-related treatment of COVID-19 is not negligible: A cross sectional study.

14. Non-binary gender, vulnerable populations and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic: Data from the COVID-19 MEntal health inTernational for the general population (COMET-G) study.

15. COVID-19 pandemic and emergency department visits for psychosis: Visit volume, restraint use, medication use, psychiatric hospitalization, and length of stay.

16. COVID-19 et rhumatismes inflammatoires chroniques de l'adulte : le point après les vagues successives.

17. Exploring the long-term seroprevalence of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in infants born to women with clinical or laboratory-confirmed COVID-19.

18. Probabilistic modeling of COVID-19 events: Exploring new alpha generated family for enhanced analysis capabilities.

19. Effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines administered in the 2023 autumnal campaigns in Europe: Results from the VEBIS primary care test-negative design study, September 2023–January 2024.

20. The effect of illness-related fears of parents of children with epilepsy during the COVID-19 period on their children's seizure self-efficacy.

21. Restless legs symptoms increased during COVID-19 pandemic. International ICOSS-survey.

22. Gender disparities in the labor market during COVID-19 lockdowns: Evidence from online job postings and applications in China.

23. Deployment of COVID-19 vaccine in the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region 2021–23: How do we switch to a life course approach?

24. Effects of parental childhood cultural health environment on children's influenza and COVID-19 vaccination status.

25. Risk factors of non-suicidal self-injury of youth students at different developmental stages during COVID-19 pandemic in Jingzhou China.

26. Risk prediction of major cardiac adverse events and all-cause death following covid-19 hospitalization at one year follow-up: The HOPE-2 score.

27. COVID-19 Stay-at-home mandates impacts daily ambulatory bout intensity and duration in elementary school-aged children: A wearable sensor based analysis.

28. An increase in electrical burns during the covid lockdown in Western Cape, South Africa.

29. The role of interpersonal stressors and connectedness in acute suicide risk and the suicide crisis syndrome during the COVID-19 pandemic.

30. A social acceptability scale: Validation in the context of government measures to curb the COVID-19 pandemic in Senegal.

31. Volatility interconnectedness among financial and geopolitical markets: Evidence from COVID-19 and Ukraine-Russia crises.

32. The impact of economic sanctions on the COVID-19 pandemic.

33. Immunogenicity and safety of a recombinant Omicron BA.4/5-Delta COVID-19 vaccine ZF2202-A in Chinese adults.

34. Motivation for COVID-19 Vaccination: Applying a Self-Determination Theory Perspective to a Global Health Crisis.

35. Patient concerns and physician strategies for addressing COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy.

36. The role of religion and COVID-19 vaccine uptake in England.

37. COVID-19 vaccination communication: Effects of vaccine conspiracy beliefs and message framing among black and white participants.

38. Physician empathy during crisis: A survey of doctors in COVID-19 pandemic (COPE study).

39. Effectiveness of a monitored home isolation program for COVID-19 infection during the second wave of the pandemic.

40. The long-term indirect impact of Covid-19 on child health.

41. Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on psychosocial health in rheumatic patients: A longitudinal study.

42. Epidemiological approaches to multivariable models of health inequity: A study of race, rurality, and occupation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

43. Implications from COVID-19 for future pandemic global health governance.

44. Radiographer experiences of personal protective equipment during COVID-19 in Gauteng, South Africa.

45. Collective good and individual choice: Perceptions on COVID-19 vaccine mandate among COVID-19 vaccinated individuals.

46. The Long-COVID Well-Being Scale (LCOVID-WBS): Development of a nascent measure of long-COVID symptoms and impacts.

47. Impact of the health crisis, COVID 19, on compliance with safety rules by type of user: Comparative analysis of car drivers and motorcyclists.

48. COVID-19 vaccine acceptance and uptake among caregivers of children aged 5–11 years in Ontario, Canada: A cross-sectional survey.

49. Trajectories of depressive and anxiety symptoms and associated risk factors during the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany: A longitudinal cohort study.

50. TMPRSS2 inhibitors for the treatment of COVID-19 in adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials of nafamostat and camostat mesylate.


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