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1. Efficient preparation and characterization of carbon fiber paper using phenolic resin in-pulp addition method.

2. Correction factors for large-scale greenhouse gas assessment from pulp and paper mill sludge landfill sites.

3. Metal-organic framework-derived heterostructured CoSe2-ZnSe nanorods coupled with carbon polyhedron supported carbon paper for oxygen evolution electrocatalysts.

4. Effect of concentration of water-soluble phenolic resin on the properties of carbon paper for gas diffusion layer.

5. Optimal fabrication of carbon paper by different lengths of chopped carbon fibers and its enhanced performance in proton exchange membrane fuel cell.

6. Advanced boron-doped carbon papers with excellent electrical conductivity and low graphitization temperature for PEM fuel cells.

7. Production of alkaline protease by Aspergillus niger in a new combinational paper waste culture medium.

8. Study on the friction and wear properties of zinc oxide/silicon dioxide composite-coated paper mulch film.

9. Clinical nutrition in primary care: ESPEN position paper.

10. Reliability of enhanced paper grip test for testing foot strength in volleyball and soccer players.

11. Position paper on transanal irrigation in chronic non-organic constipation.

15. Solar photocatalytic hydrogen production from pulp and paper wastewater.

16. Preparation of waste paper fiber-reinforced biodegradable polybutylene adipate terephthalates (PBATs) and their feasible evaluation for food package films with high oxygen barrier and antistatic performances.

17. White Paper: American Gastroenterological Association Position Statement: The Future of IBD Care in the United States–Removing Barriers and Embracing Opportunities.

19. Endoscopic management of gastric, duodenal and rectal NETs: Position paper from the Italian Association for Neuroendocrine Tumors (Itanet), Italian Society of Gastroenterology (SIGE), Italian Society of Digestive Endoscopy (SIED).

20. Digital cytology part 1: digital cytology implementation for practice: a concept paper with review and recommendations from the American Society of Cytopathology Digital Cytology Task Force.

21. Digital cytology part 2: artificial intelligence in cytology: a concept paper with review and recommendations from the American Society of Cytopathology Digital Cytology Task Force.

22. Position paper on sustainability in cardiac pacing and electrophysiology from the Working Group of Cardiac Pacing and Electrophysiology of the French Society of Cardiology.

23. Biodegradability of PBAT/PLA coated paper and bioplastic bags under anaerobic digestion.