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1. Interplay of electrokinetic effects in nonpolar solvents for electronic paper displays.

2. Bilayered nanostructured V2O5 nH2O xerogel constructed 2D nano-papers for efficient aqueous zinc/magnesium ion storage.

3. Personality and body mass impact social group formation and function in paper wasps.

4. Salt-rejecting 3D cone flowing evaporator based on bilayer photothermal paper for high-performance solar seawater desalination.

5. Self-assembled high polypyrrole loading flexible paper-based electrodes for high-performance supercapacitors.

6. Cellular aggregation dictates universal spreading behaviour of a whole-blood drop on a paper strip.

7. A scalable and anti-fouling silver-nickel/cellulose paper with synergy photothermal effect for efficient solar distillation.

8. Synergized N, P dual-doped 3D carbon host derived from filter paper for durable lithium metal anodes.

9. Nonflammable superhydrophobic passive cooling Cellulose-CaCO3 film.

10. Bio-inspired interface engineering of Ag2O rooted on Au, Ni-modified filter paper for highly robust Zn–Ag2O batteries.

11. Geochemical fractionation of iron in paper industry and municipal landfill soils: Ecological and health risks insights.

12. Intelligent cyclic fire warning sensor based on hybrid PBO nanofiber and montmorillonite nanocomposite papers decorated with phenyltriethoxysilane.

13. Effect of microalgae and bacteria inoculation on the startup of bioreactors for paper pulp wastewater and biofuel production.

14. Some notes and corrections of the paper "The non-Lefschetz locus".

15. Expression and characterization of a novel β-1,4-endoglucanase from Bacillus subtilis strain isolated from a pulp and paper mill wastewater.

16. Corrigendum to "Expression and characterization of a novel β-1,4-endoglucanase from Bacillus subtilis strain isolated from a pulp and paper mill wastewater" [J. Protein Expr. Purif., 220 (2024) 106490].

17. New breakthrough in rapid degradation of lignin derivative compounds · A novel high stable and reusable green organic photocatalyst.

18. From wastes to functions: A paper mill sludge-based calcium-containing porous biochar adsorbent for phosphorus removal.

19. Occurrence of trace elements in print paper products: Non-carcinogenic risk assessment through dermal exposure.

20. A new kind of filter paper comprising ultralong hydroxyapatite nanowires and double metal oxide nanosheets for high-performance dye separation.

21. Hydrothermal co-liquefaction of microalgae, sugarcane bagasse, brewer's spent grain, and sludge from a paper recycling mill: Modeling and evaluation of biocrude and biochar yield.

22. Filter paper templated one-dimensional NiO/NiCo2O4 microrod with wideband electromagnetic wave absorption capacity.

23. Construction of oxygen vacancy mediated direct Z scheme Bi2WO6/SrTiO3 hybrid on cellulose fibers for high-performance and recyclable photocatalytic paper.

24. Amine functionalized carbon quantum dots from paper precursors for selective binding and fluorescent labelling applications.

25. Core/shell colloidal nanoparticles based multifunctional and robust photonic paper via drop-casting self-assembly for reversible mechanochromic and writing.

26. A critical review on environmental risk and toxic hazards of refractory pollutants discharged in chlorolignin waste of pulp and paper mills and their remediation approaches for environmental safety.

27. Dendrite-free lithium metal battery enabled by mesoporous silica host layer mediated cellulose/PVDF Janus separator.

28. Repeated rock, paper, scissors play reveals limits in adaptive sequential behavior.

29. The existence of solutions for nonlinear elliptic equations: Simple proofs and extensions of a paper by Y. Shi.

30. 3D N-doped carbon derived from zeolitic imidazole framework as heterogeneous catalysts for decomposition of pulp and paper mill effluent: Optimization and kinetics study.

31. Mechanical characterization of blends containing recycled paper pulp and other lignocellulosic materials to develop hydromulches for weed control.

32. Exploring greenhouse gas emissions pathways and stakeholder perspectives: In search of circular economy policy innovation for waste paper management and carbon neutrality in Hong Kong.

33. Colloidal magnesium hydroxide Nanoflake: One-Step Surfactant-Assisted preparation and Paper-Based relics protection with Long-Term Anti-Acidification and Flame-Retardancy.

34. Cerium oxide nanorods anchored on carbon nanofibers derived from cellulose paper as effective interlayer for lithium sulfur battery.

38. Survival models to estimate time to visible mold growth on new paper-based food-contact materials under varying environmental conditions.

39. A high-stable soybean-oil-based epoxy acrylate emulsion stabilized by silanized nanocrystalline cellulose as a sustainable paper coating for enhanced water vapor barrier.

40. The impact of EID policy and trade on the environmental effects of Chinese paper enterprises from the perspective of financial constraints.

41. Archaeological science in Africa: Twenty-one papers for the twenty-first century.

42. Pulp-paper industry sludge waste biorefinery for sustainable energy and value-added products development: A systematic valorization towards waste management.

43. Pretreatment of wastepaper with an aqueous solution of amino acid-derived ionic liquid for biochar production as adsorbent.

44. Filter paper derived three-dimensional mesoporous carbon with Co3O4 loaded on surface: An excellent binder-free air-cathode for rechargeable Zinc-air battery.

45. Delamination of plastic-coated waste paper by enzymes of the white rot fungus Dichomitus squalens.

46. Emissions of particulate matter, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides from the residential burning of waste paper briquettes and other fuels.

47. Eco-friendly and sustainable process for recovery of sulfate from paper mill mixed salt: Recycling of sulfate for dye fixation process.

48. A reproductive heir has a central position in multilayer social networks of paper wasps.

50. The development and evolution of specialized face learning in paper wasps.