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1. Yiwulv Mountain Manchu Paper-Cutting: Designing and Developing Digital Media for Learning about Cultural Heritage

2. Paper Circuit Project-Based Steam Learning to Enhance Student Understanding and Creativity

3. Fostering Students' Definitions and Images in Parallelism and Perpendicularity: A Paper Folding Activity

4. Students' Assignments and Research Papers Generated by AI: Arab Instructors' Views

5. Note-Taking by University Students on Paper or a Computer: Strategies during Initial Note-Taking and Revision

6. Enrolment and Persistence in Postsecondary Education among High School Graduates in British Columbia: A Focus on Special Needs Status. Analytical Studies Branch Research Paper Series. Catalogue No. 11F0019M

7. College and Career Ready: How Well Does 8th Grade MAP Performance Predict Post-Secondary Educational Attainment? Working Paper No. 300-0524

8. Is the University of California Drifting toward Conformism? The Challenges of Representation and the Climate for Academic Freedom. Research & Occasional Paper Series: CSHE.5.2023

9. Whole-College Reforms in Community Colleges: Guided Pathways Practices and Early Academic Success in Three States. CCRC Working Paper No. 136

10. Pandemic Learning Loss by Student Baseline Achievement: Extent and Sources of Heterogeneity. Working Paper No. 292-0224

11. MCAS, NAEP, and Educational Accountability. White Paper No. 266

12. The AI Divide: Equitable Applications of AI in Higher Education to Advance the Completion Agenda. A Position Paper on AI, Access, and Digital Tools as Levers for Equity in Higher Education.

13. Graduation of High School Students in British Columbia from 2010/2011 to 2018/2019: A Focus on Special Needs Status. Analytical Studies Branch Research Paper Series. Catalogue No. 11F0019M. No. 476

14. Departmentalized Instruction and Elementary School Effectiveness. Working Paper No. 298-0424

15. ESSER Funding and School System Jobs: Evidence from Job Posting Data. Working Paper No. 297-0424

16. Shaping the STEM Teacher Workforce: What University Faculty Value about Teacher Applicants. Working Paper No. 295-0324

17. Misalignments between Student Teaching Placements and Initial Teaching Positions: Implications for the Early-Career Attrition of Special Education Teachers. Working Paper No. 293-0224

18. Course Corrections? The Labor Market Returns to Correctional Education Credentials. Working Paper No. 294-0224

19. Developing EFL Students' Multimodal Communicative Competence through Lady Whistledown's Society Papers: A Teaching Proposal

20. Mapping the Student Journey: The Many Faces of Completion and Non-Completion in VET. Technical Paper

21. 'Waiving' Goodbye to Placement Testing: Broadening the Benefits of Dual Enrollment through Statewide Policy. CCRC Working Paper No. 135

22. Research-Based Teaching: Analyzing Science Teachers' Process of Understanding and Using Academic Papers to Teach Scientific Creativity

23. The Examination of Online and Paper-Pencil Test Scores of Students Engaged in Online Learning

24. Slate or Paper? The Slow Transformation of the School in Mexico, 1880-1920

25. New York State Testing Program: Grades 6 and 7 English Language Arts Paper-Based Tests. Teacher's Directions. Spring 2024

26. New York State Testing Program: English Language Arts Paper-Based Tests. Teacher's Directions, Spring 2024. Grades 3 and 4

27. Access to Civics Content and Evidence-Based Instructional Approaches in U.S. Schools. AIR-NAEP Working Paper 2023-07

28. US Universities Face a Red Tide and a Precipice: A Neo-Nationalism and University Brief. Research & Occasional Paper Series: CSHE.14.2023

29. The Future of Democracy and Academic Freedom in Central Europe: A Neo-Nationalism and University Brief. Research & Occasional Paper Series: CSHE.16.2023

30. The Weaponization of Russian Universities: A Neo-Nationalism and University Brief. Research & Occasional Paper Series: CSHE.13.2023

31. Federal Pandemic Relief Funding for Massachusetts' Schools: Where Did It Go and What's Next? White Paper No. 265

32. How Economic and Political Pressures Are Re-Shaping China's Higher Education System: A Neo-Nationalism and University Brief. Research & Occasional Paper Series: CSHE.15.2023

33. Report on some papers related to the function $\mathop{\mathcal R }(s)$ found by Siegel in Riemann's posthumous papers

34. Analysis of an In-School Mental Health Services Model for K-12 Students Requiring Intensive Clinical Support: A White Paper Report on Tier 3 School-Based Mental Health Programming

35. Career and Technical Education: Current Policy, Prominent Programs, and Evidence. Working Paper

36. Florida Career and Professional Education Act. Technical Assistance Paper. Updated

37. Can citations tell us about a paper's reproducibility? A case study of machine learning papers

38. Differential and Functional Response Time Item Analysis: An Application to Understanding Paper versus Digital Reading Processes

39. Digital Twins and the Terminology of 'Personalization' or 'Personalized Learning' in Educational Policy: A Discussion Paper

40. Engineering a Solution: Elevating STEM Teacher Quality. White Paper No. 263

41. A Landscape Analysis of 'Grow Your Own' Educator Strategies in Wisconsin Rural Schools. WCER Working Paper No. 2023-4. Revised

42. WIDA Correspondence Mapping of the Match, Breadth, Consistency, and Depth of Language Opportunities in State K-12 English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies Standards. WCER Working Paper No. 2023-3

43. SPIQA: A Dataset for Multimodal Question Answering on Scientific Papers

44. H-FCBFormer Hierarchical Fully Convolutional Branch Transformer for Occlusal Contact Segmentation with Articulating Paper

45. Corrections to a paper of Allard and Almgren on the uniqueness of tangent cones

46. Synthetic Test Data Generation Using Recurrent Neural Networks: A Position Paper

47. What do we study when studying politics and democracy? A semantic analysis of how politics and democracy are treated in SIGCHI conference papers

48. Two results from Mandelbaum's paper: 'The dynamic complementarity problem'

49. LLMs Assist NLP Researchers: Critique Paper (Meta-)Reviewing

50. Predicting Award Winning Research Papers at Publication Time