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1. Composite Dielectric Heating and Drying: The Computation Process.


3. Modelling Traffic Flow with Constant Speed using the Galerkin Finite Element Method.

4. A New Elastic-wave-based NDT System for Imaging Defects inside Concrete Structures.

5. Effect Of Voltage Variation On MRR For Stainless Steel EN Series 58A (AISI 302B) In Electrochemical Machining: A Practical Approach.

6. Real-Time Intelligent Gripping System for Dexterous Manipulation of Industrial Robots.

7. Position Control of DC Motor Using Genetic Algorithm Based PID Controller.

8. Attitude Control of Spider-type Multiple-rotor Rigid Bodies Systems.

9. Ruin Probability with Constant Interest Force and Negatively Dependent Insurance Risks.

10. Voronoi Tessellations Description of Cast Composite Solidification Processes.

11. Parallel Alternating Group Explicit Iterative Method For Hyperbolic Equations.

12. A Complex Variable Boundary Element Method for the Flow around Obstacles.

13. Nonlinear Analysis of Concrete Gravity Dams by Neural Networks.

14. A Performance Evaluation Study of WiMAX Using Qualnet.

15. Content Classification Based on Objective Video Quality Evaluation for MPEG4 Video Streaming over Wireless Networks.

16. Employ the Ad-hoc Admission Control on WIMAX Relay Station to Give the Coverage for the Mobile Stations Out of Coverage.

17. Dynamic Buffer Management for Multimedia Services in 3.5G Wireless Networks.

18. Dynamical Energy-Based Speech/Silence Detector for Speech Enhancement Applications.

19. Human Error Management Optimization in CAREM NPP.

20. Simultaneous Scheduling of Import and Export Containers Handling in Container Terminals.

21. Developing a Novel Framework for Quality System and Systems Thinking to Integrate: A Paradigm Shift in Maintenance.

22. Stability Lobes Prediction in Thin Wall Machining.

23. Comparative Evaluation of Header vs. Payload based Network Anomaly Detectors.

24. FE Magnetic Field Analysis Simulation Models based Design, Development, Control and Testing of An Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Linear Oscillating Motor.

25. Optimal Placement of Shunt Connected Facts Device in a Series Compensated Long Transmission Line.

26. Investigation of the Operational Behavior of a Large Chipper Drive.

27. Outer Bounds for the Symmetric Gaussian Cognitive Radio Channel with DPC Encoded Cognitive Transmitter.

28. An Overview of Fuzzy Research in the ISI Web of Knowledge.

29. A Framework for the Merger and Practical Exploitation of Formal Logic and Artificial Neural Networks.

30. Blueprint of a Security Glossary: A Common Language for Creating International Security Policies.

31. Multimodal Resources in Co-Constructing Topical Flow: Case of “Father's Foot”.

32. How Speech Encodes Affect and Discourse Information.

33. Program for Structural Synthesis of the Multiple Fixtures.

34. Step-Size Bounds Analysis of the Generalized Multidelay Adaptive Filter.

35. The Evaluation Camera Motion, Defocusing and Noise Immunity for Linear Appearance Based Methods in Face Recognition.

36. Neural Network-Assisted Fiber Tracking of Synthetic and White Matter DT-MR Images.

37. Motion Detection Based On Accumulative Optical Flow and Double Background Filtering.

38. Comparison of Optimum and Square Blanks Using the Sensitivity Approach.

39. The Observation of Output Signal of MSGS.

40. On the Statistical Distribution of Stationary Segment Lengths of Road Vehicles Vibrations.

41. A Model for the Statistical Distribution of Road Vehicle Vibrations.

42. On the Non-Gaussian Nature of Random Vehicle Vibrations.

43. Building Time Series Forecasting Model By Independent Component Analysis Mechanism.

44. GBP/USD Currency Exchange Rate Time Series Forecasting Using Regularized Least-Squares Regression Method.

45. Procedures of Parameters'estimation of AR(1) models into lineal state-space models.

46. Asymptotic Quasi-likelihood Based on Kernel Smoothing for Nonlinear and Non-Gaussian State-Space Models.

47. Energy Efficiency Analysis of a Scroll-type Air Motor Based on a Simplified Mathematical Model.

48. Guide Vanes Effect of Wells Turbine on OWC Wave Power Plant Operation.

49. Experimental Study on Lightning Characteristics of Electronic Equipment's Power Supply.

50. Motor Management and Energy Saving by Integration of Motor Drive system.