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1. Plaque modification techniques to treat calcified coronary lesions. Position paper from the ACI-SEC

2. Effect of the addition of organic wastes (cork powder, nut shell, coffee grounds and paper sludge) in clays to obtain expanded lightweight aggregates

3. Paper (un)truths in the Portuguese multimodal novel of the 21st century: the case of the semi-heteronymous Acácio Nobre's archive

4. Methane emissions and carbon storage from household paper disposal in Brazil during 1901-2016

5. This paper aims to inquire for the sociodemographic structure of the Venezuelan occupied labour force and its differences in comparison to the national occupied labour force in the city of Bogotá, Colombia. To achieve this purpose, this research relies on data for the year 2021 from the Integrated Great Survey of Households (Gran Encuesta Integrada de Hogares - GEIH), a monthly socio demographic survey GEIH that captures information related to the main characteristics of the studied population. In this sense, comparisons in terms of educational levels, income, occupational status, family structure, gender and age groups were done in order to determine differences and common patterns. Finally, a hierarchical cluster analysis strategy was proposed to identify possible sociodemographic typologies of the Venezuelan labour force

6. La intel·ligència artificial en la detecció de les pràctiques de bid rigging: el paper capdavanter de l’ACCO

7. Integrating biochemical and behavioral approaches to develop a bait to manage the invasive yellow paper wasp Polistes versicolor (Hymenoptera, Vespidae) in the Galápagos Islands

8. Comparison of COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 papers

10. Case report papers guidelines: Recommendations for the reporting of case studies or action research in Business Management

11. Critical Discourse Analysis and Lexical Semantics: An Interdisciplinary Interpreting of the US and China Defense White Papers

12. Papers d’Art. Contenidos de la sección Estudios e Investigación

13. Brazilian archival science scientific literature: citations analysis in journal papers

14. Comparative analysis of the physical and mechanical properties of kraft paper and watercolor paper

15. Interactive virtual representation of the disappeared convent of El Carmen (Logroño) generated from a paper craft model

16. When a Party Paper Meets COVID-19: Crisis and Legitimacy in Renmin Ribao’s Commentary Articles

17. Is the immediacy index of co-authored papers higher than that of single-authored ones?

18. El paper dels arxius en la construcció dels estats nació: el cas d’Espanya

20. Invited paper: A Review of Thresheld Convergence