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1. Degradation of paper products due to volatile organic compounds.

5. Exploration on ability of printable modified papers for the application in heat sublimation transfer printing of polyester fabric

6. Degradation of paper products due to volatile organic compounds

7. Negative magnetostrictive paper formed by dispersing CoFe2O4 particles in cellulose nanofibrils

10. A fully-automated paper ECG digitisation algorithm using deep learning

11. A retrospective study of differences in patients’ anxiety and satisfaction between paper-based and computer-based tools for 'Shared Decision-Making'

12. Robotic automation and unsupervised cluster assisted modeling for solving the forward and reverse design problem of paper airplanes

13. Spectrochemical approach combined with symptoms data to diagnose fibromyalgia through paper spray ionization mass spectrometry (PSI-MS) and multivariate classification

18. Paper-based electrochemical immunosensor for label-free detection of multiple avian influenza virus antigens using flexible screen-printed carbon nanotube-polydimethylsiloxane electrodes.

19. Indigenous bacteria as an alternative for promoting recycled paper and cardboard mill wastewater treatment.

20. Development of ultra-thin radiation-shielding paper through nanofiber modeling of morpho butterfly wing structure