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1. Intense Pulsed Light unprinting for reducing life-cycle stages in recycling of coated printing paper.

2. All-natural, hydrophobic, strong paper straws based on biodegradable composite coatings.

3. Paper-based metasurface: Turning waste-paper into a solution for electromagnetic pollution.

4. Status and trends of enzyme cocktails for efficient and ecological production in the pulp and paper industry.

5. Enhancing electricity generation of microbial fuel cell for wastewater treatment using nitrogen-doped carbon dots-supported carbon paper anode.

6. Trend and current practices of coagulation-based hybrid systems for pulp and paper mill effluent treatment: mechanisms, optimization techniques and performance evaluation.

7. Chemical upcycling of high-density polyethylene into upcycled waxes as rheology modifiers and paper coating materials.

8. The ISO 14067 approach to open-loop recycling of paper products: Making it operational.

9. Exploring Planococcus sp. TRC1, a bacterial isolate, for carotenoid pigment production and detoxification of paper mill effluent in immobilized fluidized bed reactor.

10. Sustainable utilization of deinking paper mill sludge for the manufacture of building bricks.

11. Drivers, barriers and success factors for energy management in the Swedish pulp and paper industry.

12. Enhanced biobleaching efficacy and heavy metal remediation through enzyme mediated lab-scale paper pulp deinking process.

13. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of gaseous pollutants for cleaner production in pulp and paper mills.

14. Production of bioplastic (poly-3-hydroxybutyrate) using waste paper as a feedstock: Optimization of enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation employing Burkholderia sacchari.

15. Bio-carbon production by oxidation and hydrothermal carbonization of paper recycling black liquor.

16. Resource value flow analysis of paper-making enterprises: A Chinese case study.

17. Investigation on the production possibilities of high pressure laminate from borax and recycled papers as a cleaner product.

18. Vermicomposting of paper industry sludge with cowdung and green manure plants using Eisenia fetida: A viable option for cleaner and enriched vermicompost production.

19. Hybrid aerogels derived from banana peel and waste paper for efficient oil absorption and emulsion separation.

20. Impact of industrial agglomeration on energy efficiency in China’s paper industry.

21. Sustainable ceramic tiles incorporated with waste fly ash from recycled paper production.

22. Policy mixes for the sustainability transition of the pulp and paper industry in Sweden.

23. Rethinking the paper product carbon footprint accounting standard from a life-cycle perspective.

24. One-part geopolymer cement from slag and pretreated paper sludge.

25. Cellulose nano-papers: A comprehensive review of their synthesis methods, applications, and influence on the circular economy.

27. Sustainable utilization of paper mill solid wastes via synthesis of nano silica for production of belite based clinker.

28. Industrial polices and improved energy efficiency in China’s paper industry.

29. A sustainable strategy to transform cotton waste into renewable cellulose fiber self-reinforcing composite paper.

30. Enhancement of hydrolysis of lignocellulose waste pulp and paper mill sludge through different heating processes on thermal pretreatment.

31. Extremely fast and efficient methylene blue adsorption using eco-friendly cork and paper waste-based activated carbon adsorbents.

32. Potential value added applications of black liquor generated at paper manufacturing industry using recycled fibers.

33. Technology selection and evaluation in Iran's pulp and paper industry using 2-filterd fuzzy decision making method.

34. Energy efficiency evolution of China's paper industry.

35. Self-assembled TiO2/MOF on corrugated paper as a recyclable and efficient composite for dual-channel dye removal.

36. Effect of quality of separately collected glass, paper plus cardboard and lightweight packaging waste on environmental, energetic and economic sustainability of the material recovery facility operations.

37. Energy and carbon coupled water footprint analysis for straw pulp paper production.

38. Irradiation based clean and energy efficient thermochemical conversion of biowaste into paper.

39. Paper mills integrated gasification combined cycle process with high energy efficiency for cleaner production.

40. Biological treatment of pulp and paper industry effluent by oleaginous yeast integrated with production of biodiesel as sustainable transportation fuel.

41. Detailed life cycle assessment of Bounty® paper towel operations in the United States.

42. A sustainable inventory model by considering environmental ergonomics and environmental pollution, case study: Pulp and paper mills.

43. A first assessment of Hong Kong's circular economy for wastepaper: Material flows, value chains and the role of the semi-formal informal recycling sector.

44. Sunflower stalk neutral sulfite semi-chemical pulp: an alternative fiber source for production of fluting paper.

45. Quantifying GHG emissions savings potential in magazine paper production: a case study on supercalendered and light-weight coated papers.

46. Upgrading waste paper by in-situ calcium carbonate formation.

47. Potential use of waste paper for the synthesis of cyanoethyl cellulose: A cleaner production approach towards sustainable environment management.

48. Insights into the per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances-contaminated paper mill processing discharge: Detection, phytotoxicity, bioaccumulative profiling, and health risk verification.

49. Measuring the reduction limit of repeated recycling – a case study of the paper flow system.

50. Evaluating the green development level of global paper industry from 2000-2030 based on a market-extended LCA model.