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1. The discovery of the depletion force.

3. Chemical physics software.

4. Frontiers of stochastic electronic structure calculations.

5. Computational optimal transport for molecular spectra: The semi-discrete case.

6. Nonlinear measurements of kinetics and generalized dynamical modes. II. Application to a simulation of solvation dynamics in an ionic liquid.

9. Phase separation and aggregation in multiblock chains.

10. Implementation of the locally renormalized CCSD(T) approaches for arbitrary reference function.

12. 2020 JCP Emerging Investigator Special Collection.

13. Theory of vibrational energy relaxation in liquids: Vibrational–vibrational energy transfer.

14. Electronic spectroscopy of carbon chains (C2n+1, n = 7–10) of astrophysical importance. II. Quantum dynamics.

15. JCP Emerging Investigator Special Collection 2019.

16. Understanding dynamics in coarse-grained models. II. Coarse-grained diffusion modeled using hard sphere theory.

17. Dissipative tunneling rates through the incorporation of first-principles electronic friction in instanton rate theory. II. Benchmarks and applications.

18. Brownian bridges for stochastic chemical processes—An approximation method based on the asymptotic behavior of the backward Fokker–Planck equation.

19. Nucleic acid folding simulations using a physics-based atomistic free energy model.

20. The He–H3+ complex. II. Infrared predissociation spectrum and energy term diagram.