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1. A method to determine arsenic concentration in drinking water based on proton gradient and conductance measurements in filter paper media.

2. Molecular simulation of different types of polysilsesquioxane doped cellulose insulating paper: A guide for special cellulose insulating paper.

3. Fabrication of negative magnetostrictive Japanese traditional paper (washi) with cobalt ferrite particles.

4. Reactive molecular dynamics research on influences of water on aging characteristics of PMIA insulation paper.

5. Fabrication and characterization of graphene-based paper for heat spreader applications.

6. Improvements of mechanical properties of multilayer open-hole graphene papers.

7. Negative elastic wave refraction and focusing regulation of single-phase solid phononic crystals.

8. A programmable metasurface based on acoustic black hole for real-time control of flexural waves.

9. Electrically and magnetically dual-driven Janus particles for handwriting-enabled electronic paper.

10. Understanding ac losses in CORC cables of YBCO superconducting tapes by numerical simulations.

11. X-ray texture analysis of paper coating pigments and the correlation with chemical composition analysis.

12. Copper ion concentration detection based on quantum weak measurement of circular dichroism.

13. Metasurface-based wireless communication technology and its applications.

14. Multi-scale modeling of shock initiation of a pressed energetic material III: Effect of Arrhenius chemical kinetic rates on macro-scale shock sensitivity.

15. A compensation method of carrier magnetic interference under pathological conditions for geomagnetic navigation.

16. Piezoelectric energy harvester with outstanding output performance at low frequency vibration based on concentrating force on the piezoelectric element by parallel springs.

17. High-volume biological sample processing using microwaves.

18. Study of electric-field induced ionic migration on all-inorganic perovskite CsPbBr3 single crystal nuclear radiation detector.

19. Thin film versus paper-like reduced graphene oxide: Comparative study of structural, electrical, and thermoelectrical properties.

21. X-ray microtomography and laser ablation in the analysis of ink distribution in coated paper.

22. Role of solid solution strengthening on shock wave compression of [111] copper crystals.

23. Development of differential pressure flowmeter and its application in coalbed methane wells.

24. Electric space charge threshold observation in polyurethane under high electric fields.

25. Thermal-flow-force-electrical coupling characteristics of microchannel cooling systems in high heat flux chips.

26. Inferring temperature fields from concentration fields in channel flows using conditional generative adversarial networks.

27. Electronic and spectral properties of Ge1−xSnx quantum dots.

28. The effect of hydrostatic stress on magnetic properties of Mn-Zn power ferrites at varying excitation levels.

29. Electric-field-induced surface modification in TlGaSe2 layered semiconductor: Capacitive effect caused by electromigration of native defects.

30. The interplay between imprint, wake-up, and domains in ferroelectric Al0.70Sc0.30N.

31. Negative spin polarization of Mn2VGa Heusler alloy thin films studied in current-perpendicular-to-plane giant magnetoresistance devices.

32. Laser-induced stress by multi-beam femtosecond pulses in fused silica.

33. Alloy composition dependent built-in polarization fields and quantized carrier states in III-nitride multi-quantum well structures.

34. Simulation imaging process of laser-induced multi-MeV photon emission.

35. Ultra-wideband radar cross section reduction achieved by an absorptive coding metasurface.

36. A study on Arctic sea ice dynamics using the continuous spin Ising model.

37. Frequency mismatch analysis of hemispherical shell resonators with both radius and thickness imperfections.

38. Enhancing ferroelectric characterization at nanoscale: A comprehensive approach for data processing in spectroscopic piezoresponse force microscopy.

39. Near-infrared imaging of heat transfer behavior between gadolinium and fluid during magnetization/demagnetization process of magnetocaloric effect.

40. Laterally coupled photonic crystal surface emitting laser arrays.

41. 230-fold Enhancement of second-harmonic generation by coupled double resonances in a dolmen-type gold metasurface.

42. Effect of copper in the stabilization of Al/CuO energetic semiconductor bridge.

43. Homogenized color-gradient lattice Boltzmann model for immiscible two-phase flow in multiscale porous media.

44. Dielectric, elastic, and piezoelectric matrices of [001]-textured Mn-PMN-PZT ceramics.

45. Inerter-controlled topological interface states in locally resonant lattices with beyond-nearest neighbor coupling.

46. Impact of the recessed gate depth on the GaN metal-oxide-semiconductor high electron mobility transistor performances: New insights on mobility extraction.

47. A novel lidar signal denoising method based on variational mode decomposition optimized using whale algorithm.

48. 2D analysis of sputtered species transport in high-power impulse magnetron sputtering (HiPIMS) discharge.

49. Computational analysis of the anode-directed streamers propagation in atmospheric pressure C4F7N/N2 mixtures.

50. Theoretical modeling of defect diffusion in wide bandgap semiconductors.