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1. A Novel Approach for Cardiotocography Paper Digitization and Classification for Abnormality Detection

2. Effect of Electric-Field Components on the Flashover Characteristics of Oil-Paper Insulation Under Combined AC-DC Voltage

6. Moisture Assessment of Oil-Immersed Paper Based on Dynamic Characteristics of Frequency Domain Spectroscopy

7. Investigations of the Applicability of Oil-Palm Empty Fruit Bunch as Paper Insulation in Transformers

8. The Quality Assist: A Technology-Assisted Peer Review Based on Citation Functions to Predict the Paper Quality

9. Newly-Published Paper Recommendation With a Joint Multi-Relational Model

10. An Electroadhesive Paper Gripper With Application to a Document-Sorting Robot

11. Reducing Hydrophilic Characteristics of Kraft Paper Insulation by Reinforcing With Surface Modified Rutile-TiO2 Nanoparticles

12. Influence of Aging on Creepage Discharge Characteristics of Oil-Paper Insulation Under AC-DC Combined Voltage

13. A Hybrid Personalized Scientific Paper Recommendation Approach Integrating Public Contextual Metadata

14. A Comprehensive Evaluation of Metadata-Based Features to Classify Research Paper’s Topics

20. A Collaborative Approach Toward Scientific Paper Recommendation Using Citation Context