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1. Aging Characterization of Modified Insulating Paper Based on the Transmission Characteristics of Microstrip Resonant Sensors.

2. Research Progress and Prospect of Condition Assessment Techniques for Oil–Paper Insulation Used in Power Systems: A Review.

3. Modeling and Predicting the Mechanical Behavior of Standard Insulating Kraft Paper Used in Power Transformers under Thermal Aging.

4. Thermal Ageing of Dry Cellulose Paper Impregnated with Different Insulating Liquids—Comparative Studies of Materials Properties.

5. Prediction Method of PHEV Driving Energy Consumption Based on the Optimized CNN BiLSTM Attention Network.

6. Development of Transpiration-Type Thermoelectric-Power-Generating Material Using Carbon Nanotube Composite Papers with Capillary Action and Heat of Vaporization.

7. State-of-Art Review on Chemical Indicators for Monitoring the Aging Status of Oil-Immersed Transformer Paper Insulation.

8. Decarbonization Prospects for the European Pulp and Paper Industry: Different Development Pathways and Needed Actions.

9. Techno-Economic Analysis of Fluidized Bed Combustion of a Mixed Fuel from Sewage and Paper Mill Sludge.

10. Possibilities of Reducing the Heat Energy Consumption in a Tissue Paper Machine—Case Study.

11. Getting Value from Pulp and Paper Industry Wastes: On the Way to Sustainability and Circular Economy.

12. Comparison of Different Features and Neural Networks for Predicting Industrial Paper Press Condition.

13. Performance Assessment of Cellulose Paper Impregnated in Nanofluid for Power Transformer Insulation Application: A Review.

14. Energy Optimization in a Paper Mill Enabled by a Three-Site Energy Cooperation.

15. Effects of Hot Pressing Temperature and Pressure on Dielectric Properties of Aramid Insulating Paper.

16. Paper Review of External Integrated Systems as Photovoltaic Shading Devices.

17. Numerical Simulation and Calculation of Resistance of Laminated Paper-Impregnated Insulation of Power Cables.

18. Flexible Sandwich-Structured Foldable Triboelectric Nanogenerator Based on Paper Substrate for Eco-Friendly Electronic Devices.

19. Co-Combustion Behavior of Paper Sludge Hydrochar and Pulverized Coal: Low Rank Coal and Its Product by Hydrothermal Carbonization.

20. Helium Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma Jet (DBD Jet)-Processed Graphite Foil as Current Collector for Paper-Based Fluidic Aluminum-Air Batteries.

21. Improved Digital Twin of Li-Ion Battery Based on Generic MATLAB Model.

22. Application of Selected Machine Learning Techniques for Identification of Basic Classes of Partial Discharges Occurring in Paper-Oil Insulation Measured by Acoustic Emission Technique.

23. Municipal Solid Waste Generation Trend and Bioenergy Recovery Potential: A Review.

24. Diagnostics of High Water Content Paper-Oil Transformer Insulation Based on the Temperature and Frequency Dependencies of the Loss Tangent.

25. Editorial for the Special Issue "Verifying the Targets—Selected Papers from the 55th International Universities Power Engineering Conference (UPEC 2020)".

26. Experimental and Simulation Studies on Stable Polarity Reversal in Aged HVDC Mass-Impregnated Cables.

27. Study on the Effects of Thermal Aging on Insulating Paper for High Voltage Transformer Composite with Natural Ester from Palm Oil Using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) and Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDS).

28. Breakdown Voltage and Its Influencing Factors of Thermally Aged Oil-Impregnated Paper at Pulsating DC Voltage.

30. Induction Motors Speed Estimation by Rotor Slot Harmonics Frequency Using Zoom Improved Chirp-Z Transform Algorithm.

31. Working Fluid Selection for High-Temperature Heat Pumps: A Comprehensive Evaluation.

32. Environmental Assessment of Hydrothermal Treatment of Wet Bio-Residues from Forest-Based and Agro-Industries into Intermediate Bioenergy Carriers.

33. Design and Implementation of Digital Twin Diesel Generator Systems.

34. Extended Recursive Three-Step Filter for Linear Discrete-Time Systems with Dual-Unknown Inputs.

35. Selection of Optimal Polymerization Degree and Force Field in the Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Insulating Paper Cellulose.

36. An Experimental Performance Assessment of a Passively Controlled Wind Turbine Blade Concept: Part A—Isotropic Materials.

37. Exploring Flexibility Potential of Energy-Intensive Industries in Energy Markets.

38. Evaluation of Thermal Properties of Various Insulating Liquids Used in Power Transformers.

39. Adaptive Feedforward Control Based on Estimated Electromagnetic Parameters upon a Novel Two-Degrees-of-Freedom Actuator with a Unibody Magnetic Circuit.

40. Integrated Planning and Operation Dispatching of Source–Grid–Load–Storage in a New Power System: A Coupled Socio–Cyber–Physical Perspective.

41. Stochastic Capacity Optimization of an Integrated BFGCC–MSHS–Wind–Solar Energy System for the Decarbonization of a Steelmaking Plant.

42. Smart Operation Control of Power and Heat Demands in Active Distribution Grids Leveraging Energy Flexibility.

43. Insights and Guidance for China's Offshore CO 2 Storage Development: Evidence from Global Experience.

44. PEMFC Electrochemical Degradation Analysis of a Fuel Cell Range-Extender (FCREx) Heavy Goods Vehicle after a Break-In Period.

45. Analysis of MW-Level Offshore Wind Turbine Generators with Dual Star–Delta Fractional-Slot Windings.

46. Isolated Work of a Multi-Energy Carrier Microgrid.

47. Multi-Port Energy Router in Mobile Energy Storage for Emergency Power Outage in Urban Cities.

48. Towards a Software-Defined Industrial IoT-Edge Network for Next-Generation Offshore Wind Farms: State of the Art, Resilience, and Self-X Network and Service Management.

49. Effect Evaluation of Staged Fracturing and Productivity Prediction of Horizontal Wells in Tight Reservoirs.

50. Shunt Active Power Filters in Three-Phase, Three-Wire Systems: A Topical Review.