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1. From Paper to Peace? Compliance with UN Security Council Resolutions in Civil Wars.

2. Research Paper Prepared for ISA 2011: Serving the Marginalized or Selling Themselves?: The Puzzle of NGOs' Legal Activism in India.

3. Presentation Paper for the ISA International Conference in Montreal Bosnia: Symbolic Politics, Extreme Ethnic Violence and the NATO Model.

4. Paper submitted to the International Conference of ISA, Montreal 2011.

5. A Paper Tiger? The Human Rights Norm, the United Nations’ Counter-terrorism Framework and Member States’ Policy-Convergent Behaviour.

6. Towards an Architecrture of a Disaster Early Warning and Disaster Relief Regime: A Concept Paper.

7. Jihadism in Western Europe after the invasion of Iraq -- Working paper.

8. Paper to be presented at ISA Convention in Montréal 16-19 March 2011.

10. How is RAMSI faring? Progress, challenges, and lessons learned Paper for the ISA Convention, Hawaii, 6 March 2005.


13. Paper Presented at the International Studies Association Conference 2011.

14. ISA Paper 2011 The Operational Code of French Diplomacy 1918-1923.

15. This is a working paper.

19. Paper Title: Northern Ireland Peace:Working at the Bureaucratic Level?

20. Paper: Nationalist Demobilization in Transitional Democracies: Comparative Study of Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

21. Responding to Neoliberalism in Crisis: Discipline and Empowerment in the World Bank?s New Development Agenda.

23. Kids R Us: Children, Masculinity, and the ‘War on Terror’ in Afghanistan and Iraq.

24. Peace Agreements or Pieces of Paper? The Impact of UNSC Resolution 1325 on Women and Peacebuilding.

25. Two Papers: [1] "Networking Disaster and Conflict Early Warning Systems for Environmental Security" & [2] New Strategies for Early Response: Insights from Complexity Science.

26. State Participation in International Institutions: Between Membership on Paper to Agenda Setting and Norm Promotion.

27. Informal Public Financial Management Institutions in a Decentralizing System-Lessons for the Implementation of the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) in Sub-Sahara Africa.

28. Prosperity Diamonds and the Kimberley Process: Panacea or Paper Tiger for Sierra Leone’s Reconstruction?

29. The Conditions for Establishing a Regional Central Bank in East Asia.

30. From Head to Toe: Veil Dressing & the Gender Geopolitics of 'What (not) to Wear'.

31. This is not a Mannequin: Enfashioning Bodies of Resistance.

32. "No Losers, Only Winners?" Foreign Policy Bill Cosponsorship and the North Korea Debate in U.S. Congress.

33. U.S. Congressional Bipartisanship and its impact on Indo-U.S. relations.

34. The Impact of Foreign Lobbies on Congressional Foreign Policy Making: An Analysis of Middle Powers 1995-2008.

35. International Energy Security: after the West and the East Scramble, What's Left for Africa.

36. Global Public Goods and Bads and Justice beyond Borders.

37. Deal Breakers: When is a role for business (in)appropriate in global health governance?

38. Business Conflict and Global Politics: The Pharmaceutical Industry and the Global Protection of Intellectual Property Rights.

39. Conflict Arenas, Social Learning, and Policy Choices: Guest Worker Recruitment in Switzerland and West Germany.

40. Problems in Kant's Cosmopolitan Vision of Emancipation through the Moral Law.

41. Ought or Not: The Responsibility to Protect in Slow Retreat.

42. The Politics of the Stadium: Examining the Intersection of Football Fandom and Identity Politics.

43. The Europeanization of Greek foreign policy towards Turkey.

44. Evaluating Social, Political and Religious Deprivation and the Potential for Radicalization: Government vs. Civil Society Approaches to Preventing Radicalized Tajik Youth.

45. National Identity as a Resource for Global Inclusion: 'Dislocating' national identity from the nation-state.

46. International security institutions in conflict management.

47. The Costs of NATO Enlargement: A delegation theory approach to understanding how candidate states pay -- Georgia, Montenegro, and Ukraine.

48. Within the EU: New Members' Public Diplomacy.

49. Japan, China, and Regional Governance in East Asia.

50. Searching for an Executive Head? Leadership and UNAIDS.