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1. Adaptive rock-paper-scissors game enhances eco-evolutionary performance at cost of dynamic stability.

2. Exploring cyclic dominance in rock-paper-scissor strategies within the Optional Prisoner's Dilemma: A quantitative analysis with environmental feedback.

3. Multiple limit cycles for the continuous model of the rock–scissors–paper game between bacteriocin producing bacteria.

4. Another note on a paper “Convergence theorem for the common solution for a finite family of [formula omitted]-strongly accretive operator equations”.

5. Remarks on the paper by Sun and Meng, Appl. Math. Comput. 174 (2006).

6. Eddy resolving simulations in aerospace – Invited paper (Numerical Fluid 2014).

7. Using multivariate adaptive regression splines and multilayer perceptron networks to evaluate paper manufactured using Eucalyptus globulus

8. Remarks on the paper: Best proximity point theorems: An exploration of a common solution to approximation and optimization problems.

9. Comments on the paper "A conservative linear difference scheme for the 2D regularized long-wave equation", by Xiaofeng Wang, Weizhong Dai and Shuangbing Guo [Applied Mathematics and Computation, 342 (2019) 55-70].

10. A note on the paper “Voronovskaya type asymptotic approximation by modified Gamma operators”

11. Another modification from two papers of Ghodousian and Khorram and Khorram et al.

12. Comment on the paper “A class of methods based on non-polynomial spline functions for the solution of a special fourth-order boundary-value problems with engineering applications”

13. Improving paper spread in examination timetables using integer programming

14. Note on the paper of Džurina and Stavroulakis

15. A note on Tang and He’s paper

16. Remarks on the paper [Appl. Math. Comput. 207 (2009) 388–396]

17. A note on a paper by A.G. Bratsos, M. Ehrhardt and I.Th. Famelis

18. Remark on the paper of Park

19. The role of pairwise nonlinear evolutionary dynamics in the rock–paper–scissors game with noise.

20. A note on a paper by Molai and Khorram

21. A note on a paper by D.K.R. Babajee and M.Z. Dauhoo

22. A note on the paper global optimization of nonlinear sum of ratios

23. Wavelet decomposition and autoregressive model for time series prediction

24. Kinetic approach to the collective dynamics of the rock-paper-scissors binary game.

25. LMI approach to stability for a competitive Lotka–Volterra system with time-varying delays

26. Positive periodic solution of a kind of nonlinear food-chain system

27. Some sixth-order variants of Ostrowski root-finding methods

28. A multisymplectic integrator for the periodic nonlinear Schrödinger equation

30. Comment on the paper ``Boundary layer flow of Carreau fluid over a convectively heated stretching sheet, T. Hayat, Sadia Asad, M. Mustafa, A. Alsaedi, Applied Mathematics and Computation 246 (2014) 12–22''.

31. A note on a paper “Convergence theorem for the common solution for a finite family of -strongly accretive operator equations”

32. Injective edge chromatic number of sparse graphs.

33. Dynamic output feedback control for CPSs under transmission delays and sparse malicious attacks.

34. Open problems on Sombor index of unicyclic and bicyclic graphs.

35. New results on the stability and stabilization for singular neutral systems with time delay.

36. Stabilization of continuous-time Markovian jump systems: A mode separation but optimization method.

37. Limited packings: Related vertex partitions and duality issues.

38. Existence, uniqueness and blow-up of solutions for generalized auto-convolution Volterra integral equations.

39. New method for global exponential synchronization of multi-link memristive neural networks with three kinds of time-varying delays.

40. The effect of intraspecific cooperation in a three-species cyclic predator-prey model.

41. The spectral radius of H2k-free graphs.

42. Nonstationary iterated frozen Tikhonov regularization with uniformly convex penalty terms for solving inverse problems.

43. Event-triggered control for boundary controlled time-fractional diffusion systems with spatially-varying coefficients.

44. Efficient valuation of guaranteed minimum accumulation benefits in regime switching jump diffusion models with lapse risk.

45. The effect on the spectral radius by attaching a pendant starlike tree.

46. On the second-order neutral Volterra integro-differential equation and its numerical solution.

47. Stability analysis of discrete-time systems with arbitrary delay kernels based on kernel-related summation inequality and model transformation.

48. Stability of switched neutral stochastic functional systems with different structures under high nonlinearity.

49. Time-varying formation of uncertain nonlinear multi-agent systems via adaptive feedback control approach with event-triggered impulsive estimator.

50. Output-mask-based adaptive NN control for stochastic time-delayed multi-agent systems with a unified event-triggered approach.