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1. Origins of the Evil Eye: M64's Stellar Halo Reveals the Recent Accretion of an SMC-mass Satellite

2. Direct visualization of the charge transfer in Graphene/$\alpha$-RuCl$_3$ heterostructure

3. NeuManifold: Neural Watertight Manifold Reconstruction with Efficient and High-Quality Rendering Support

4. RAMP: Retrieval and Attribute-Marking Enhanced Prompting for Attribute-Controlled Translation

5. Off-diagonal estimates for the helical maximal function

6. Beyond 3$\times$2-point cosmology: the integrated shear and galaxy 3-point correlation functions

7. Ground state energy of twisted $AdS_{3}\times S^{3}\times T^{4}$ superstring and the TBA

8. Inspecting the use of SLMs for the control of photonic quantum states

9. Rotating black holes embedded in a cosmological background for scalar-tensor theories

10. Characterizing and Measuring Linguistic Dataset Drift

11. High-order estimates for fully nonlinear equations under weak concavity assumptions

12. Extension Groups of Tautological Bundles on Punctual Quot Schemes of Curves

13. An Analysis of the Johnson-Lindenstrauss Lemma with the Bivariate Gamma Distribution

14. Interior a priori estimates for supersolutions of fully nonlinear subelliptic equations under geometric conditions

15. Sphaleron rate from a modified Backus-Gilbert inversion method

16. Large Language Models as Tool Makers

17. SSSegmenation: An Open Source Supervised Semantic Segmentation Toolbox Based on PyTorch

18. Optimal control for sampling the transition path process and estimating rates

19. Reinforcement Learning with Simple Sequence Priors

20. Random-Access Neural Compression of Material Textures