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1. Process Intensification in the Pulp and Paper Industry.

2. Mechanical properties and microscopic mechanism of paper mill sludge-magnesium oxychloride cement composites.

3. Faculty members' use of artificial intelligence to grade student papers: a case of implications.

4. Technological aspects of dental education: will we still be reading a paper journal in 50 years?

5. A Comparison of Materials for Dry Surface Cleaning Soot-Coated Papers of Varying Roughness: Assessing Efficacy, Physical Surface Changes, and Residue.

6. Quality and Safety Considerations in Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy: An ASTRO Safety White Paper Update.

7. Descriptive Handwritten Paper Grading System using NLP and Fuzzy Logic.

8. The EEG pen-on-paper sound: History and recent advances.

9. Are concept map exam papers reliable as assessment tools in nursing education? A quantitative research pilot study.

10. Integrating Interactive Digital Content Into Existing Professional Development Programs for Nurses: A Brief Discussion Paper.

11. Energy management practices, barriers, and drivers in Bangladesh: An exploratory insight from pulp and paper industry.

15. Priorities for research on neuromodulatory subcortical systems in Alzheimer's disease: Position paper from the NSS PIA of ISTAART.

16. Herpes simplex virus alters Alzheimer's disease biomarkers ‐ A hypothesis paper.

18. High Prevalence of Causal Language and Inferences in Observational Hip and Knee Arthroplasty Database Studies: A Review of Papers Published Across Four Orthopaedic Journals.